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  • Sedmi svet (S)

  • Ločil bom peno od valov (L)

  • Pod svobodnim soncem (P)

  • Zoo (novel) (Z)

  • Fužinski bluz (F)

  • Tri (novel) (T)

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About This Tool

After the First World War, Slovenian literature developed rapidly. In the 1920s, expressionism was the dominant school. At the same time, some writers take “Youth”, “Free youth” and so on publication as the garden, inherits the realism tradition, displays the proletarian historical mission. By the end of the 1920s, literary realism was in full bloom, with novels of every genre emerging in Slovenia.

This random tool compiles 110 of Slovenia’s most famous novels. They come from different genres and times, and different types of novels, such as thriller, drama, Love, War and business, occupied the whole literary market of Slovenia at that time. If you’re interested in Slovenian novels, many countries now have translations, but you can also peruse the list compiled by the generator to find the information you need.

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