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  • Glas naroda

  • 1881–1941 Ljubljanski zvon, literary

  • 1797–1800 Lublanske novice, general newspaper, its editor was Valentin Vodnik

  • 1868–1943 Slovenski narod, leading Slovene liberal newspaper

  • 1907–1911 Korošec, weekly newspaper of Carinthian Slovenes

  • 1881–1940 Slovenski pravnik, legal herald

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About This Tool

Ethnic Slovenes makeup about 83 percent of the population and speak the official language of the Slovene. Education, culture and medical care are well developed and the people live and work in peace and contentment. The main local media are not far from other countries, with public television channels, newspapers and television stations. The tool only randomly selects a list of 23 newspapers to help you get up to speed on local news.

Most of these newspapers use either Slovene or English. Different newspapers have different release times, and in the generator, we can see the release date of each newspaper, the person in charge, the media status in Slovenia and so on. These newspapers are highly subscribed, read by a large local audience, published in the hundreds of thousands each year, and are one of the main sources of information for the local population.

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