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Random Slovene Americansreport

  • Rado Lenček – linguist, ethnologist, cultural historian

    (Academic and scientific) (List)

  • James Oberstar – Congressman

    (Politicians) (List)

  • Anton Mavretič – NASA

    (Academic and scientific) (List)

  • Karen Kamensek – orchestral and operatic conductor

    (Entertainment) (List)

  • Elden Francis Curtiss – former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska and former Bishop of Helena, Montana

    (Religious) (List)

  • Sunita Williams – astronaut

    (Academic and scientific) (List)

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About This Tool

Donald Trump is known as a Native American, while First Lady Melania is known as a Slovenian immigrant. How many Americans come from Slovenia? By some estimates, 5.8 percent of U.S. citizens are from Slovakia, which confirms that many of the Slovaks’ first choice for immigration in the United States. The Slovaks craze for American immigrants can be seen in the 80 odd odd odd odd slots that Americans have assembled in a random tool kit.

The notable Slovene Americans recorded in the generator are sure you’ve all heard of them. They have made outstanding contributions in the fields of entertainment, music, drama, Sports, law, Military Affairs, science, politics and religion. These Slovene Americans, who immigrated to the United States early, enjoy a variety of local resources, including education, culture, cognition, and social welfare, that are almost identical to those of Native Americans.

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