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  • [Year(s)]: 2005
    [Title]: Aria
    [Type]: TV series
    [Director]: Junichi Sato
    [Studio]: Hal Film Maker

  • [Year(s)]: 2001
    [Title]: Kokoro Toshokan
    [Type]: TV Series
    [Director]: Koji Masunari
    [Studio]: Studio Deen

  • [Year(s)]: 2014
    [Title]: Free! - Eternal Summer
    [Type]: TV series
    [Director]: Hiroko Utsumi
    [Studio]: Kyoto Animation, Animation Do

  • [Year(s)]: 2013
    [Title]: Love Live!
    [Type]: TV series
    [Director]: Takahiko Kyogoku
    [Studio]: Sunrise

  • [Year(s)]: 2013
    [Title]: Super Seisyun Brothers
    [Type]: TV series
    [Director]: Masahiro Takata
    [Studio]: AIC PLUS+

  • [Year(s)]: 2011
    [Title]: A Channel
    [Type]: TV series
    [Director]: Manabu Ono
    [Studio]: Studio Gokumi

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About This Tool

A growing number of animation companies are focusing on animation that is relevant to everyday Life, as parents and children have been craving Life Anime in recent years. Life Anime like this has a total of 77 entries recorded in a random tool, which can be viewed further by anyone interested in the animation.

The Life Anime releases at different times, representing the prevailing trends in the country and animation market at the time. We can see the specific time of release, the name of the animation, the type of play, the director, the platform and other details through the generator. The main reason why these Life Anime occupy most of the market is that they are close to Life, and can transmit the positive, positive and friendly Life attitude to the school-age children in time and effectively.

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