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List of Slapstick Comedy Topicsreport

  • Charlie Chaplin (Slapstick comedians)

  • André Deed (Slapstick comedians)

  • Ade Edmondson (Slapstick comedians)

  • Jacques Tati (Slapstick comedians)

  • Fred Karno (Slapstick comedians)

  • Fred Evans (comedian) (Slapstick comedians)

  • Fred Kitchen (entertainer) (Slapstick comedians)

  • Buster Keaton (Slapstick comedians)

  • Joe Roberts (Slapstick comedians)

  • Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle (Slapstick comedians)

  • Neville Kennard (Slapstick comedians)

  • Jaleel White (Slapstick comedians)

  • Harry Langdon (Slapstick comedians)

  • Max Linder (Slapstick comedians)

  • Harold Lloyd (Slapstick comedians)

  • Benny Hill (Slapstick comedians)

  • Mel Brooks (Slapstick comedians)

  • Rik Mayall (Slapstick comedians)

  • Jim Carrey (Slapstick comedians)

  • Rowan Atkinson (Slapstick comedians)

  • Léonce Perret (Slapstick comedians)

  • Charles Prince (actor) (Slapstick comedians)

  • Louis de Funès (Slapstick comedians)

  • Jerry Lewis (Slapstick comedians)

  • Will Hay (Slapstick comedians)

  • Mack Sennett (Slapstick comedians)

  • Hal Roach (Slapstick comedians)

  • Shim Hyung-rae (Slapstick comedians)

  • Yuri Nikulin (Slapstick comedians)

  • Carol Burnett and Friends cast members: Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Tim Conway (Slapstick comedians)

  • The Three Stooges members: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard, Joe Besser, Joe DeRita (Slapstick comedians)

  • Laurel and Hardy: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy (Slapstick comedians)

  • Abbott and Costello: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello (Slapstick comedians)

  • Chuckle Brothers (Slapstick comedians)

  • Marx Brothers (Slapstick comedians)

  • Ritz Brothers (Slapstick comedians)

  • Ton of Fun (Slapstick comedians)

  • Vivek (actor) (Slapstick comedians)

  • Vadivelu (Slapstick comedians)

  • Norman Wisdom (Slapstick comedians)

  • Farrelly Brothers (Slapstick comedians)

  • Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker (Slapstick comedians)

  • Leslie Nielsen (Slapstick comedians)

  • Eye poke (Techniques)

  • Physical comedy (Techniques)

  • Pieing (Techniques)

  • Ice Bucket Challenge (Techniques)

  • Gunge (Techniques)

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About This Tool

There’s a fine line between farce and comedy, and the biggest difference is that there’s no meaning in farce without being serious, and comedy is when a person takes it very seriously and does something that other people think is stupid. There are many well-known actors in the world who are famous for producing different types of slapstick comedies. There are about 48 such actors and classics, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool.

Classic slapstick and comedy films like this make it easy for the audience to follow the emotions of the actors. Films and actors often provoke ridicule for the ugly and ridiculous by means of exaggeration, clever structure, witty lines, and characterization of comic characters, it also causes people to affirm the normal life and the good ideal. So the work of these actors and a few films, preserved in the generator, are well worth watching, and I think the audience can find their own microcosm in it.

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