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Random Skinhead Filmsreport

  • The Believer (2001) – Mark Jacobson

  • Diary of Skin (2005) – Jacobo Rispa

  • Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed (1982) – Don Shaw

  • Russia 88 (2009) – Pavel Bardin

  • The Infiltrator (1995) – John MacKenzie

  • Adam's Apples (2005) – Anders Thomas Jensen

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About This Tool

Speaking of Skinhead, which originated in the late 1960s, it seems to me to be a very controversial group, on the one hand involving politically related racism, violence, on the other hand, the skinhead culture has had a significant impact on the British youth in the later decades. It’s a subculture of the young working class in Britain. Around this culture, many well-known directors have created a number of excellent films, this random tool recorded in 44 of them.

These movies saved in this generator were shot at different times, and you can find their full name, release date, director information, etc. Most of the films feature male skinheads, all of whom record extremely short crew cuts. During the 1980s skinhead revival and under the influence of punk culture, many people began to shave their heads.

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