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  • Skinheads In Deutschland : M. Eberwein and J. Drexler (ISBN 3-926794-26-7) (Non-fiction)

  • Skinheads Shaved for Battle : A Cultural History of American Skinheads : Jack B. Moore (ISBN 0-87972-583-4) (Non-fiction)

  • Skinheads : C. Ryan (London, 1981) (Non-fiction)

  • Skinheads, Rastas and Hippies : John Williams (ISBN 1-84747-004-1) (Non-fiction)

  • Rechte Kerle: Skinheads, Faschos, Hooligans : Burkhard Schröder (ISBN 3-499-18271-8) (Non-fiction)

  • No Retreat : Dave Hann and Steve Hilsey (ISBN 1-903854-22-9) (Non-fiction)

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About This Tool

Skinhead culture was born in London in the 1960s, first popular among working-class children, and then spread across the UK and the world. There’s a lot of history written about this culture, 79 books in this random tool alone, some of them fictional, some of the real.

The books show how much Skinhead culture is influenced by Mods and the West Indies’s Rudeboy in music, fashion and lifestyle, and how some of it is directly related to political culture. As the Skinhead faction has grown, political affiliations have become an important status symbol for members of Skinhead. And if you want a closer look at the evolution, evolution, and transformation of Skinhead’s culture, check out the few books the generator has saved.

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