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Random Ski Jumping Hillsreport

  • Oslo (World Cup) 134 | 120

    (100-150) (Norway)

  • Örnsköldsvik (SM) 100 | 90 (Sweden)

  • Notodden (Fis-Cup) 100 | 90

    (100-150) (Norway)

  • Santa Cristina Valgardena (Italy)

  • Vikersund (World Cup, Continental Cup and FIS Cup) (normal and flying hill) 100 | 90, 225 | 200

    (Over 150) (Norway)

  • Pyeongchang (2018 Olympics, World Cup)140 | K 125 (South Korea)

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About This Tool

Ski Jumping Hills is a very challenging Ski special skill. Professionals can jump over the slide, can all-round non-dead angle, enjoy the simulation of snow, but also can experience the simulation of plastic skiing and other highly realistic feeling of skiing. At the international level, there are about 106 ski jumping sites that have received FIS certification. A detailed list of these ski jumping sites can be found in this random tool for those who are interested in the sport.

FIS is the largest official international organization in the ski world. It is the international authority for the rule-making of skiing and the organization of international competitions. Through the FIS generator, we can find the details of the regulations adopted by different countries, including detailed information on the number of ski resorts, the number of international events ever undertaken, the specific cities and regions.

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