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  • [Magazine]: El Ojo Escéptico
    [Language]: Spanish
    [Founded]: 1991
    [Publisher]: CAIRP
    [Current editor]:

  • [Magazine]: Free Inquiry
    [Language]: English
    [Founded]: 1980
    [Publisher]: Council for Secular Humanism
    [Current editor]: Tom Flynn

  • [Magazine]: Association for Rational Thought News
    [Language]: English
    [Founded]: 1991
    [Publisher]: Cincinnati Skeptics
    [Current editor]:

  • [Magazine]: The New York Skeptic
    [Language]: English
    [Founded]: 1988
    [Publisher]: New York Area Skeptics
    [Current editor]:

  • [Magazine]: Los Angeles Skeptics Evaluative Report (LASER)
    [Language]: English
    [Founded]: 1985
    [Publisher]: Los Angeles Skeptics
    [Current editor]: Al Seckel

  • [Magazine]: El Escéptico
    [Language]: Spanish
    [Founded]: 1998
    [Publisher]: Alternativa Racional a las Pseudociencias (ARP)
    [Current editor]: Felix Ares deBlas

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About This Tool

Is there any rational reason to evaluate and choose scientific theory? This is a problem that has been puzzling people for a long time. After the failure of logical positivism’s standard of verifiability and probabilistic interpretation, skepticism posed a more serious challenge to the principle of rationality. Of the 48 well-known journals recorded in this random tool, the scientific journals are known primarily for their skepticism of rigorous science.

Most of these publications were created in the mid to late 20th century when international science was in full swing. A number of scientists have gradually emerged and put forward their own views on different scientific theories. There are theories and there are doubts, and the journals put together in this generator are designed to doubt the validity of scientific theories and practices. You can also find the full title, language, release date, publisher, and current editor in chief.

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