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  • Backside: A trick executed with the skater's back to the ramp or obstacle, or a rotation of the rider/board where the front foot moves forward (e.g. a regular-footed skater turning clockwise). (Skateboarding trick terminology)

  • Tail: The rear of the skateboard, usually measured from the rear truck bolts to the end of the board (usually curved up at about a 10 degree angle from the rest of the deck).

    (Board Parts) (Anatomy of a skateboard)

  • Pivot Cup: A raised and hollowed receptacle on the base plate opposite the kingpin which holds the pivot bushing.

    (Truck parts) (Anatomy of a skateboard)

  • Pop shove-it: A shove-it performed while popping the tail to make the board attain air. See: Air, Pop (Skateboarding trick terminology)

  • Regular Foot: A skater who more comfortably rides with the left foot leading. (Skateboarding trick terminology)

  • Quarter pipe: A single ramp transitioning from horizontal to any obtuse angle up to vert. (Skateboarding venues)

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About This Tool

A lot of people often say to “Respect” skateboarding, by devaluing other sports to elevate themselves, that is not respect. In my opinion, skateboarders also have a minimum of respect for themselves by learning basic skateboarding terms, spelling out the basic terms for Ollie, and understanding skateboarding culture. The tool generates 68 of these important skateboarding terms to help new skateboarders or friends who barely know skateboarding culture to learn more about it.

Skateboarding terms for various proper nouns are often confusing. Some of the verb, noun distinction and easy to confuse people. And if you skate with professional skateboarders, and they say a random technical term, and you haven’t figured it out yet, you’re going to be left behind. And in order to grasp the basic knowledge of skateboarding and basic essentials as soon as possible, understanding the exclusive collation of this generator will be the most basic respect for skateboarders.

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