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Random Skateboarding Brandsreport

  • Dephect (Apparel)

  • DVS (Shoes)

  • Famous Stars and Straps (Apparel)

  • Zoo York (Bearings)

  • Pig Wheels* (Wheels)

  • Zero (Wheels)

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About This Tool

This random tool collated in the 114 skateboard brand is probably more common in the international several well-known skateboard brand. There are more and more people skateboarding, which is a welcome phenomenon, but for want to join the family of skateboarding novices, in the face of the market mixed skateboards, often seem at a loss. The types of skateboards are divided into double-seesaw, fish board, longboard, and so on. According to the preferences of each player can choose a more professional skateboard to suit their needs.

Now both boys and girls, like skateboarding crowd more and more. Choosing a major or an amateur skateboard also depends on budget and demand. The more the generator in the preservation of these big brands, the cost of more expensive, at the same time the wheel, imported bearings, brackets and so the price is very high. Because the skateboard is more professional, wheels, bearings, brackets, sandpaper, bridges, these parts are specialized manufacturers, so some high-level skaters will choose to buy their own accessories, self-assembly.

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