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  • Good Riddance

  • Gang Green

  • The Offspring

  • Drunk Injuns

  • Strung Out

  • Excel

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About This Tool

Skate Punk is a very famous music style, born in the 1980s with skateboard culture related to the Hardcore Punk band. Since the 90’s many skateboard video has used a lot of punk music as BGM, can be considered a branch of punk music. Iconoclasm, pop sensation, and Punk are the three most important words for Skate Punk Bands. This tool generates a list of 47 bands that feature Skate Punk music, and those who are interested can take a closer look.

These bands were born at different times, with different backgrounds and fan bases. And their taste in punk was the same. Whether you want to admit it or not, there are all kinds of street culture that can be linked to by fashionable young people, like punk and music. All of these bands you can loo through at a random are also punk-loving bands that are very good at creating established punk music styles.

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