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Random Six-man Football Venues In Texasreport

  • [City/Town]: Welch
    [Stadium]: McCauley Field
    [Capacity]: 1,000
    [Home Team]: Dawson Dragons

  • [City/Town]: Petersburg
    [Stadium]: Buffalo Stadium
    [Capacity]: 500
    [Home Team]: Petersburg Buffaloes

  • [City/Town]: Aspermont
    [Stadium]: Hornet Stadium
    [Capacity]: 750
    [Home Team]: Aspermont Hornets

  • [City/Town]: Briscoe
    [Stadium]: Cougar Stadium
    [Capacity]: 150
    [Home Team]: Fort Elliott Cougars

  • [City/Town]: Spur
    [Stadium]: Jones Stadium
    [Capacity]: 1,200
    [Home Team]: Spur Bulldogs

  • [City/Town]: Valera
    [Stadium]: Bryant Field
    [Capacity]: 600
    [Home Team]: Panther Creek Panthers

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About This Tool

Six-man football is a variant of American football, where each team has six players instead of 11. And then it evolved into something between seven and five. This type of game is not too strict on the football field. The international regulation is 38 ~ 42 meters in length and 18 ~ 22 meters in width. The football field must be rectangular.

In Texas, there are about 142 soccer fields that can meet that need, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool for easy viewing. In addition, the relevant city and region of the soccer field, the name of the soccer field, the number of spectators and players that can be accommodated, and the details of the Home Team are all fully stored in the generator. Six-man football is another form of football, but it has also attracted many fans of this simple yet definitive form of play.

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