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  • [Title]: The Practice
    [Country]: United States
    [Years]: 1976–1977

  • [Title]: PhoneShop
    [Country]: United Kingdom
    [Years]: 2010–2013

  • [Title]: Here's Lucy
    [Country]: United States
    [Years]: 1968–1974

  • [Title]: The Governor & J.J.
    [Country]: United States
    [Years]: 1969–1971

  • [Title]: The Wonder Years
    [Country]: United States
    [Years]: 1988–1993

  • [Title]: Jenny
    [Country]: United States
    [Years]: 1997-1998

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About This Tool

A true sitcom aficionado, instead of just staring at a few old sitcoms, should refer to these 1,643 very good sitcoms in a random tool, know every domestic and foreign classic sitcom is telling the story of what kind of plot.

Recorded in the generator of these sitcoms are countries are very classic comedy films. They are shot at different times, from different countries, can represent a different era of national trends. Sitcoms often make the audience laugh with just a few short stories or scenes, and the laughter is often the result of days and nights of discussion and filming between the director and the actors, so a really good sitcom takes a lot of effort.

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