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Random Sites On The Queensland Heritage Register In Warwickreport

  • [Place ID]: 601505
    [Image]: Glennie Hall, 66 Albion Street, Warwick, Queensland, 2015 02.JPG
    [Listed place]: Glennie Hall
    [Address]: 66 Albion Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°13′05″S 152°02′06″E / 28.2181°S 152.035°E / -28.2181; 152.035 (Glennie Hall)

  • [Place ID]: 600958
    [Image]: StateLibQld 1 110320 First St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church.jpg
    [Listed place]: First St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Warwick
    [Address]: 163 Palmerin Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°13′09″S 152°01′53″E / 28.2191°S 152.0314°E / -28.2191; 152.0314 (First St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church)

  • [Place ID]: 600956
    [Image]: Smith & Miller Building, 118 - 124 Palmerin Street & 50 King Street, Warwick, 2015 02.JPG
    [Listed place]: Barnes and Co. Trading Place (aka Smith & Miller building)
    [Address]: 118 Palmerin Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°13′03″S 152°01′58″E / 28.2176°S 152.0327°E / -28.2176; 152.0327 (Barnes and Co. Trading Place)

  • [Place ID]: 600947
    [Image]: Warwick East State School, 45 Fitzroy Street, Warwick, 2015.JPG
    [Listed place]: Warwick East State School
    [Address]: 45 Fitzroy Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°12′52″S 152°02′21″E / 28.2144°S 152.0392°E / -28.2144; 152.0392 (Warwick East State School)

  • [Place ID]: 600944
    [Image]: The Commonage, 69A Dragon Street, Warwick, 2015 01.JPG
    [Listed place]: The Commonage
    [Address]: 69A Dragon Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°13′07″S 152°01′37″E / 28.2187°S 152.027°E / -28.2187; 152.027 (The Commonage)

  • [Place ID]: 600948
    [Image]: Warwick Court House, 88 Grafton Street, Warwick, 2015.JPG
    [Listed place]: Warwick Court House
    [Address]: 88 Fitzroy Street
    [Coordinates]: 28°12′51″S 152°01′52″E / 28.2143°S 152.0312°E / -28.2143; 152.0312 (Warwick Court House)

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About This Tool

Warwick, a town in Queensland, Australia, on the Condamine River River west of Great Dividing Range, has for years been known for its charming churches and numerous private schools. It is home to many of the region’s most important cultural heritages and has been designated as a priority area for conservation by the government and nature conservation agencies. There are about 31 sites like this, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool.

These have been included in the detailed number of cultural heritage sites, reference photos, the full name of the attractions, location, as well as detailed coordinates, etc., a complete record in this generator. These cultural heritages are mainly important protected sites left over from the war period. The small Australian city of Warwick, one of Queensland’s more famous ancient cities, receives many visitors each year, leading them to experience the important cultural atmosphere.

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