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Random Sister Cities In Thailandreport

  • Japan Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

  • South Korea Seoul, South Korea

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

  • Malaysia George Town, Malaysia

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

  • China Chonqing, China

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

  • Philippines Manila, Philippines

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

  • China Guangzhou, China

    (Bangkok) (Bangkok Metropolitan Region)

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About This Tool

In order to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields, Thailand and China, the United States, Japan and other neighboring countries as early as several years ago reached a sister city-friendly agreement. These sister cities represent the establishment of friendship between the two countries, are one of the fruits of good-neighborly relations and cooperation in various fields, and lay a good foundation for future cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

There are 20 such sister cities recorded in the random tool, and a detailed list of countries and cities is kept in the generator for those interested to lookup. Once these sister cities have established friendly cooperation, most of them will develop exchanges and cooperation in many fields, including economy and trade, science and technology, agriculture, culture, tourism, human resources and public health, etc. We can also look forward to the future development of these cities.

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