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Random Sister Cities In Californiareport

  • Asuchio, La Libertad Department, El Salvador

    (Alameda) (A)

  • Taipei, Taiwan (1970)

    (San Francisco) (S)

  • Kaunas, Lithuania

    (Los Angeles) (L)

  • Shingu, Japan

    (Santa Cruz) (S)

  • Jericho, Palestine

    (Calipatria) (C)

  • Noceto, Italy

    (Walnut Creek) (W)

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About This Tool

California is surrounded by sister cities that have little to do with the state, either geographically or politically, but the government has sought to increase the number of residents or cultural exchanges, a sample of 491 countries or cities of similar size, located around California, was selected for matching. Many sister cities can also share resources and benefits. Sister cities like these keep detailed lists in a random tool that friends who want to get to know can check out further.

In fact, the sister cities housed in the generator often offer exchange students, as well as economic or cultural exchange or cooperation. In order to enhance mutual understanding among neighboring peoples and to encourage cross-border programs or activities, despite the fact that they are developing at different paces, countries, and cities near California also pair up with many sister-friendly cities.

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