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  • Michał Boym (Poland)

  • David Hawkes (1923–2009) (United Kingdom)

  • Martino Martini (1614–1661) (Italy)

  • René Grousset (1885–1952) (France)

  • Sean Hurley (Ireland)

  • Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin (1775–1853) (Russia)

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About This Tool

Sinologists mainly refer to foreign scholars who are engaged in the research of humanities and social sciences in ancient, modern, and contemporary China. The most influential sinologists in modern times are American John King Fairbank, Lung Fu Wei, Yu-Wen Suo, Jonathan Spence, Herrlee Glessner Creel, British Joseph Needham, German Wolfgang Kubin, and so on. They have made unremitting efforts to spread Chinese culture and history. Propelled by the 244 Sinologists recorded in the random tools, Chinese culture has spread around the world.

The Sinologists, whose specific fields of study are mostly different, are sorted out by the generator. Many people would prefer to study a field they are interested in, for example, some people study Chinese music, some people study Chinese literature, but sinologists mostly study some Chinese history, even if some of them do not know Chinese, it does not prevent them from devoting their lives to the cause they love most.

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