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  • Punkva Caves – a cave system of the Czech Republic located north of the city of Brno, near the town of Blansko (Sinkholes of the Czech Republic)

  • 2018 Surabaya City sinkhole - the sinkhole was located on Gubeng Road (21st century sinkholes)

  • Fossil Cave - a karst sinkhole in South Australia. (Sinkholes of Australia)

  • 2016 Ruijin sinkhole – four cars fell into a sinkhole in Ruijin City (21st century sinkholes)

  • Egma Sinkhole – sinkhole and the deepest cave in Turkey (Sinkholes of Turkey)

  • Devil's Hole, Bermuda – a large water-filled sinkhole, close to the southeastern corner of Harrington Sound, Bermuda (Other locations)

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About This Tool

Sinkholes are mostly derived from surface movement and are mostly formed by surface water flowing into an underground inlet that forms a sinkhole similar to a funnel. Such Sinkholes can absorb a large amount of surface runoff into the ground and may also cause concentrated seepage of reservoir water. There are numerous Sinkholes in history, distributed in different countries and regions, with different forms and forming times. This random tool compiles a list of 96 of the most famous Sinkholes for geological interest.

These Sinkholes are generated in different countries of the world, and each country gives them specific names and different meanings. Sinkholes are a sign of the direction of the mingqianhe river, because Sinkholes are usually distributed in a linear or zonal pattern along structural lines, fractures and strata. Sinkholes are of great significance to geologists studying the local geography and topography, and it is also one of the important bases for many people to judge the local surface soil.

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