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  • 1761, 1 January – HMS Trent captures the French merchant frigate Bien Aimé.

    (Seven Years War) (Single-ship actions)

  • 1782, April 8 – Pennsylvania privateer Hyder Ally captures HMS General Monk. (details)

    (American Revolutionary War) (Single-ship actions)

  • 1804, January 24 – Queen Charlotte repels an attack by a French privateer

    (Napoleonic Wars) (Single-ship actions)

  • 1815, June 15 – USS Peacock captures Nautilus, a brig of the Bombay Marine of the East India Company

    (War of 1812) (Single-ship actions)

  • 1812, December 11 – American privateer Saratoga captures the British letter of marque Rachel in the Battle of La Guaira

    (War of 1812) (Single-ship actions)

  • 1807, August 19 – HMS Comus captures the Danish frigate Fredericksvaern.

    (Napoleonic Wars) (Single-ship actions)

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About This Tool

History has many famous single-ship actions lists, this random tool collates the details of 293 actions, for those interested in military friends can also further check. Almost all of these operations were naval engagements between two warships of the opposing sides, each of whom sent a separate warship to conduct the operation, and there was no question of taking advantage of more than the lesser.

These famous single-ship actions took place in different times, in different countries, and in different wars and conflicts. Through the generator, we can know in detail the specific time of each single-ship action, the specific information of the two sides, the wars and so on. These Single-ship Actions are well known for their quick and accurate determination of the course of the war, and they do not cause large-scale damage, so they are recorded in the annals of history.

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