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  • Nicky Jam

    (United States) (Traditional singer-songwriters)

  • Dave Van Ronk

    (United States) (Traditional singer-songwriters)

  • Kari Jobe

    (United States) (Traditional singer-songwriters)

  • Björk

    (Iceland) (Traditional singer-songwriters)

  • David Kramer

    (South Africa) (Others who both write songs and sing)

  • Lata Mangeshkar

    (India) (Traditional singer-songwriters)

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About This Tool

The singer of the entertainment circle sings very sweetly, but actually many singers just take other people’s song other people’s lyrics to sing, can really compose the lyrics, compose the music to still be able to sing beautifully is the true genius. And the ones that do deserve more fans are the Singer-songwriters. This random tool compiles 2,691 of the world’s most famous Singer-songwriters, all from different countries, but all with a place in the music world.

Many fans find a good singer attractive not only in his tone, his singing ability, but also in the fact that they can write and compose their own music. Even though the performers are experienced on the stage and the live music is very intense, it is easy to bring the audience into the mood, what fans need now is to see the talent and the inner spirit of the singers. If you’re new to this category of Singer-songwriters, check out this list compiled by the generator.

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