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Random Signs You're Definitely Mooch Of Your Friend Group

  • (#1) Appetizers Seem Like A Splurge

  • (#20) All Of Your Furniture Used To Belong To One Of Your Friends

  • (#23) Your Credit Card Is Constantly Being Declined

  • (#13) Everyone Else Pays For Your Ride Share

  • (#3) People Refer To You As "Absentminded"

  • (#7) You're Weird About Sharing Your Food

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About This Tool

Any life journey is incomplete without meeting a moocher or two in life. You probably won’t meet a moocher at work, but it has a big possibility it appears in your friend group. It seems that they’ve mastered the art of living off other people’s generosity, if someone won't leave you alone until you give them something for free, he or she must a moocher.

In fact, there are already many signs in interpersonal communication warning you that your friend is a moocher. The random tool lists 25 signs you are a mooch of your friend group but you never realize.

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