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  • Thumb of A Nightmare on Elm Street video

    (#7) A Nightmare on Elm Street

    • Johnny Depp, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Lin Shaye, Charles Fleischer, Amanda Wyss, Jack Shea, Ed Call, Jsu Garcia, Ronee Blakley, Joseph Whipp, Joe Unger, Mimi Craven, Sandy Lipton

    The very end of the film takes place in a hazy, dreamlike state. After turning her back on Freddy (Robert Englund), stripping him of his power, all seems to return to normal for Nancy (Heather Langenkamp). She wakes up to the brightest of days and her mother, Marge (Ronee Blakley), and friends are all still alive.

    Nancy heads out with her friends and almost as soon as she hops in the car, it comes to life – the doors and windows lock, the convertible top seals, and it starts driving off on its own. Her mother is yanked through the window by Freddy’s hand and audiences everywhere struggle to figure out which half of the third act was really the dream. 

  • Thumb of The Skeleton Key video

    (#2) The Skeleton Key

    • Kate Hudson, John Hurt, Joy Bryant, Peter Sarsgaard, Gena Rowlands, Forrest Landis, Isaach de Bankolé, David Jensen, Joe Chrest, Joel Schmidt, Michael Wozniak, Deneen Tyler, Keith Frazier, Rudy Regalado, Justin Groetsch, Ross Rouillier, Mark Krasnoff, Korey L. Jarmon, Trula M. Marcus, Rico E. Anderson, Andreas Beckett, Brian Ruppert, Karen Kaia Livers, Michael Tyler Henry, Kristi Chalaire, Karen Pritchett, Melissa Reneé Martin, Jeryl Prescott, Fahnlohnee Harris, James J. Duhon, Natalie McNeil, Marion Zinser, Natasha Delahunt, Tonya Staten, Jamie Lee Redmon, Piper Moretti, Ann Dalrymple, Jen Apgar, Susannah Thorarinsson, Ianello Garcino, Lakrishi Kindred, Nolan Shaheed, Sabah, Derrick Shezbie, Sarah Pettycrew, Pauline Boudreaux, David J. Curtis, Torrey McKinley, Shamarr Allen, Thomas Uskali, Dustin Fleetwood, Ryan Porter, Roderick Harrison, George Harper, Christa Thorne, Herbert Stevens, L.J. Stevens, Maxine Barnett, Bill H. McKenzie, Philip Frazier, Tiffany Helland, Lawrence 'King' Harvey, Glen Andrews, Stafford Agee, Byron Bernard, Ronald McCall, Derrick Tabb, Howard McCary, Kevin O'Neal

    Kate Hudson plays a live-in hospice nurse Caroline, who gets a job caring for an incapacitated man on a creepy plantation. His wife, Violet, is off-putting and abrasive (at best) and the house is rumored to be haunted by former slaves murdered on the property for practicing hoodoo in front of the landowner’s children. The only person who seems normal in Caroline's new life is the lawyer of her new employers. 

    As the film closes, Caroline discovers the souls of those slaves are actually inside the bodies of Violet and the young lawyer. They had been hopping bodies for years and Violet was overdue for an upgrade. They succeed in performing their ritual and Violet enters Caroline’s body, leaving Caroline trapped in the old woman’s body.

    She’s left mute and incapacitated, much like the man she was hired to care for – the soul living inside him actually belonged inside the body of the young lawyer. The slaves walk off with their new, young bodies as Caroline and the lawyer are wheeled away by paramedics in their new elderly forms. 

  • Thumb of The Mist video

    (#1) The Mist

    • Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Alexa Davalos, Toby Jones, Andre Braugher, Samuel Witwer, Melissa McBride, William Sadler, Jeffrey DeMunn, Frances Sternhagen, Buck Taylor, Chris Owen, Andrew Stahl, David Jensen, Ritchie Montgomery, Julio Cedillo, Louis Herthum, Juan Gabriel Pareja, Nathan Gamble, Ron Clinton Smith, Jackson Hurst, Ted Ferguson, Amin Joseph, Robert C. Treveiler, Ron Fagan, Kim Wall, Cherami Leigh, Eric Kelly McFarland, Jimmy Lee Jr., Ginnie Randall, Brian Libby, Chuck Vail, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0339472/, Dodie Brown, Tiffany Morgan, Jay Amor, Amy McGee, Walt Hollis, Travis Fontenot, Cindy McBride, Kip Cummings, Kevin Beard, Steven E. Williams, Tammy Eaton, Gregg Brazzel, Kristin Barnhart, Brandon O'Dell, Mike Martindale, Michaela Morgan, John F. Daniel, Brian Scott Hunt, Derek Cox-Berg, Taylor E. Brown, Kelly Lintz, Walter Fauntleroy, Sonny Franks, Susan Malerstein, Darrick Mosley, Pamela Houghton

    Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist was both brilliant and brutal. Brilliant in the sense that no one saw that coming because what kind of deviant would come up with that ending? This ending pissed off a TON of people, but no one can say it was bad or ineffective – unnecessary, sure, but incredibly powerful nonetheless.

    After watching their town being invaded by a mist full of Lovecraftian creatures that are devouring the town and its occupants whole, it’s not really shocking when the last remaining townsfolk decide they’d rather kill themselves than be torn apart by beasts. The problem is the sleeping child who doesn’t know his own father (David Drayton) is going to shoot him in the head to keep the monsters from him.

    He opens his eyes just in time to see his dad pointing a gun. You can see the fear, confusion, and betrayal play across his face before the gun sounds. The kick in the gut doesn’t end there. It ends with Drayton first hearing and then seeing with his own eyes that the cavalry has arrived.

    The mist is clearing and it seems the military has won the war against the monsters. He killed his son for nothing. If he had just waited seconds, mere seconds before pulling that trigger... Brutal. Absolutely brutal. 

  • Thumb of Tourist Trap video

    (#20) Tourist Trap

    • Tanya Roberts, Chuck Connors, Keith McDermott, Robin Sherwood, Jon Van Ness, Jocelyn Jones, Dawn Jeffory

    After getting stranded and predictably separated in an isolated wooded area with nothing but a creepy tourist trap filled with animated waxworks, a group of friends get picked off one by one. The crazed killer is actually the seemingly kind and simple country bumpkin, Slausen (Chuck Connors) who offered to help fix their car in the first place.

    As it turns out, Slausen is a crazed killer who began with his cheating wife and his good-for-nothing brother she was having an affair with. He just kept killing after that, preserving his victims as wax dummies kept all over the house to keep him company. He has some kind of telepathic ability and can make the dolls move, driving his delusions. Slausen kills everyone until only Molly (Jocelyn Jones) remains. He torments her with the moving mannequins, but she sees an opportunity to grab an axe and takes it. She chops him to death as he dances with the doll in his dead wife’s likeness. 

    The film then ends similarly to Nightmare on Elm Street where everything is bright and hazy, making it disorienting enough that you wonder if it’s a dream. It’s a new day and Molly, the “final girl,” is seen driving away from the wax house of horrors with all of her friends (in mannequin form) in the car with her. 

  • Thumb of Burnt Offerings video

    (#12) Burnt Offerings

    • Bette Davis, Burgess Meredith, Oliver Reed, Karen Black, Dub Taylor, Eileen Heckart, Anthony James, Lee Montgomery, Todd Turquand, Joseph Riley

    In Burnt Offerings, Marian (Karen Black) and David Rolf (Oliver Reed) take their son (Lee Montgomery) and elderly aunt (Bette Davis) on a summer vacation. The owners of their summer home have the requirement that their reclusive mother must remain in her bedroom during their stay. The Rolfs are asked to leave meals outside her door and not interact with her.

    As if that weren’t weird enough, the old Victorian mansion seems to feed on humans. As accidents occur the house seems more alive, regenerating from the pain of its occupants. Plants come back to life, cracked paint mends itself, and still clocks suddenly right themselves and begin ticking once again as the family continues to fall apart. Marian becomes obsessed with maintaining the house and seems to be aging rapidly - it’s slowly taking her for itself. At the film’s conclusion, all seems calm. It appears as if the family is free of whatever ancient evil permeates the mansion’s foundation.

    Naturally, they decide to get the hell out of there and it seems the house has let them do just that as they sit in their car out front without incident. But Marian is concerned about leaving the old woman alone. She heads back inside (as audiences everywhere yell at the screen). Ben gets worried and leaves David in the car while he goes to get Marian. He enters the attic bedroom to find the old lady with her back to him and unresponsive. He turns her chair around to find it’s his wife, aged considerably and completely taken over. She throws him out the window and he lands face first on the car windshield, a bloody heap. David runs out of the car screaming for his mother and the chimney starts to dismantle itself, crushing him to death with the rubble.

    The sibling landlords return, happy that their mother has returned to them, implying that not only have the human sacrifices restored their estate, but also brought their mother back (in Marion’s body).

  • Thumb of Possession video

    (#18) Possession

    • Sam Neill, Isabelle Adjani, Heinz Bennent, Margit Carstensen, Carl Duering, Johanna Hofer, Leslie Malton, Shaun Lawton, Thomas Frey, Michael Hogben, Maximilian Rüthlein

    Mark (Sam Neill) is an international spy with a wife (Isabelle Adjani) who is slowly coming unhinged. Mark finds out his wife, Anna, has been having an affair and wants a divorce. She ends up leaving him with their son, Bob. It’s discovered that Anna is cheating on her husband and her lover with a creature who has consumed her and driven her to commit murder to feed it. Mark still loves her, even after walking in on his wife having creepy tentacle sex with this monstrosity.

    The end of this film is a whirlwind of chaos as Mark goes on a rampage, staging car accidents and leaving a trail of destruction in an attempt to cover up Anna’s murderous tracks. In the final scene, Anna catches up to a bloody and battered Mark to show him that her creature is “all finished now.” The creature has become an exact replica of Mark. Mark tries to shoot it but the police have caught up to them and bullets rain down on Mark and Anna. Anna lies on top of Mark and shoots herself in the back. The doppelganger is impervious and escapes, heading straight for young Bob.

    Their son Bob is with his teacher Helen (who looks exactly like his mother except with green eyes). The doppelganger rings the doorbell and Bob pleads with Helen not to open the door before he runs upstairs, diving into the bathtub. The sounds of sirens, planes, and explosions erupt through the room.

    Helen stands fixed by the door with the doppelganger on the other side. Bob lays face down in a full bathtub as if dead. He is left alone in the world except for two copies of his parents.

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