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  • (#5) The Descent

    • Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, MyAnna Buring, Nora-Jane Noone

    There are two versions of this film and the ending in the European version is oh-so-much better (in a super depressing sense). In both, a group of women gets trapped underground after a cave-in during an expedition and they soon discover they aren’t alone. An entire race of flesh-eating creatures lives deep within the cave and starts slaughtering the group. 

    In the original version, only one woman survives the underground massacre and finally escapes the cave. It goes so far as to show her driving away before she comes to and realizes the entire escape was a hallucination and she was still in the cave the whole time. In the edited version, she just drives away.

  • (#19) The Innocents

    • Deborah Kerr, Michael Redgrave, Pamela Franklin, Peter Wyngarde, Megs Jenkins, Martin Stephens, Isla Cameron, Eric Woodburn, Clytie Jessop

    In Jack Clayton’s gothic horror The Innocents, Deborah Kerr plays Miss Giddens, a governess of two children in a creepy, haunted mansion. She discovers the children, Flora (Pamela Franklin) and Miles (Martin Stephens) are being possessed by spirits, but they don’t seem to realize it – or do they? Miss Giddens is faced with the horror that these spectral sightings could be in her head or that the children may, in fact, be in league with the ghosts.

    By the end, little Flora is sent away and Miss Giddens is left alone with Miles (and the ghosts). She tries to save the boy from Quint, the spirit she believes is after him, but it’s too late. In the garden with looming statues as her only witnesses, Quint kills Miles.  

  • (#8) Rosemary's Baby

    • Mia Farrow, Tony Curtis, John Cassavetes, Charles Grodin, Ruth Gordon, Ralph Bellamy, Victoria Vetri, Maurice Evans, Patsy Kelly, Wende Wagner, Sidney Blackmer, Elisha Cook, Jr., Hanna Hertelendy, Phil Leeds, Duke Fishman, Roy Barcroft, George Savalas, William Castle, Hope Summers, George R. Robertson, Emmaline Henry, Tom Signorelli, D'Urville Martin, Walter Baldwin, Bill Baldwin, John Halloran, Robert Osterloh, Jack Knight, Almira Sessions, Ernest Harada, Michael Shillo, Jean Inness, Floyd Mutrux, Gail Bonney, Elmer Modling, Gordon Connell, Jack Ramage, Mona Knox, Carol Brewster, Marilyn Harvey, Clay Tanner, Louise Lawson, Marianne Gordon, Frank White, Josh Peine, Al Szathmary, Natalie Masters, Paul Denton, Patricia O'Callaghan, Janet Garland, Michel Gomez, Charlotte Boerner, Joyce Davis, Bruno Sidar, Patricia Ann Conway, Joan T. Reilly, Lynn Brinker, Gale Peters, Viki Vigen, Sebastian Brook

    The ending of Rosemary’s Baby traumatized expectant mothers everywhere. Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, discovers her newborn is the son of Satan. Anyone would completely freak out about this, maybe even try to kill the baby, have it exorcised, or try to find a way to stop the cult. Not Rosemary, at least not in the closing scene. She calmly steps in and comforts her crying demon child.

    Her demeanor implies that she’s completely accepted the situation and would rather embrace her son than lose him. She almost seems peaceful as she smiles down at him, which is much creepier than the attempted assassination of a baby would have been.

  • (#20) Tourist Trap

    • Tanya Roberts, Chuck Connors, Keith McDermott, Robin Sherwood, Jon Van Ness, Jocelyn Jones, Dawn Jeffory

    After getting stranded and predictably separated in an isolated wooded area with nothing but a creepy tourist trap filled with animated waxworks, a group of friends get picked off one by one. The crazed killer is actually the seemingly kind and simple country bumpkin, Slausen (Chuck Connors) who offered to help fix their car in the first place.

    As it turns out, Slausen is a crazed killer who began with his cheating wife and his good-for-nothing brother she was having an affair with. He just kept killing after that, preserving his victims as wax dummies kept all over the house to keep him company. He has some kind of telepathic ability and can make the dolls move, driving his delusions. Slausen kills everyone until only Molly (Jocelyn Jones) remains. He torments her with the moving mannequins, but she sees an opportunity to grab an axe and takes it. She chops him to death as he dances with the doll in his dead wife’s likeness. 

    The film then ends similarly to Nightmare on Elm Street where everything is bright and hazy, making it disorienting enough that you wonder if it’s a dream. It’s a new day and Molly, the “final girl,” is seen driving away from the wax house of horrors with all of her friends (in mannequin form) in the car with her. 

  • (#18) Possession

    • Sam Neill, Isabelle Adjani, Heinz Bennent, Margit Carstensen, Carl Duering, Johanna Hofer, Leslie Malton, Shaun Lawton, Thomas Frey, Michael Hogben, Maximilian Rüthlein

    Mark (Sam Neill) is an international spy with a wife (Isabelle Adjani) who is slowly coming unhinged. Mark finds out his wife, Anna, has been having an affair and wants a divorce. She ends up leaving him with their son, Bob. It’s discovered that Anna is cheating on her husband and her lover with a creature who has consumed her and driven her to commit murder to feed it. Mark still loves her, even after walking in on his wife having creepy tentacle sex with this monstrosity.

    The end of this film is a whirlwind of chaos as Mark goes on a rampage, staging car accidents and leaving a trail of destruction in an attempt to cover up Anna’s murderous tracks. In the final scene, Anna catches up to a bloody and battered Mark to show him that her creature is “all finished now.” The creature has become an exact replica of Mark. Mark tries to shoot it but the police have caught up to them and bullets rain down on Mark and Anna. Anna lies on top of Mark and shoots herself in the back. The doppelganger is impervious and escapes, heading straight for young Bob.

    Their son Bob is with his teacher Helen (who looks exactly like his mother except with green eyes). The doppelganger rings the doorbell and Bob pleads with Helen not to open the door before he runs upstairs, diving into the bathtub. The sounds of sirens, planes, and explosions erupt through the room.

    Helen stands fixed by the door with the doppelganger on the other side. Bob lays face down in a full bathtub as if dead. He is left alone in the world except for two copies of his parents.

  • (#9) In the Mouth of Madness

    • Sam Neill, Julie Carmen, Jürgen Prochnow, Charlton Heston

    John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness is a Lovecraftian horror that, sadly, often goes overlooked. In it, John Trent (Sam Neill), an insurance investigator, is hired by a publishing company to investigate the disappearance of prized horror author Sutter Cane and his latest manuscript.

    He and book publisher Linda Styles, (Julie Carmen) track the eccentric author down in Hobbs End, a land of Cane’s creation. Trent discovers anyone who reads the book will be turned into monsters and he makes it his mission to stop this from happening (even if that means hacking readers to death with an axe).

    The film closes with a stark-raving-mad John Trent, leaving the false safety of his padded cell to voyage into a world overrun with monsters unleashed by Sutter Cane (who has transcended to god-like status). Trent wanders into a theater screening the adaptation of Cane’s book. He then comes to the realization that he isn’t a person at all, he is merely a character in Cane’s book - written into a horrific existence.

    Trent dives deeper into the mouth of madness with this revelation as he watches himself on the big screen, maniacally laughing and crying while reliving everything he just went through.

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