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Random Ships Present At International Festival Of The Sea, 2005report

  • Kitty

    (Civilian) (United Kingdom)

  • Endurance - Ice Patrol Ship

    (Royal Navy) (United Kingdom)

  • Eithne - Eithne-class patrol vessel (Ireland)

  • Chun Jee (South Korea)

  • Meuse - Durance-class tanker (France)

  • Capitan Miranda (Uruguay)

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About This Tool

The International Festival Of The Sea was founded in 1999 to spread The Olympic spirit and has become a platform for global communication and cooperation in marine science and technology, coastal tourism, marine culture and water sports. At the same time, the ocean festival is also a beautiful summer scenery in Qingdao, attracting guests from all directions. At The International Festival Of The Sea in 2005, there were 73 outstanding vessels, The details Of which are generated by this tool.

These ships from all over the world were welcomed by the international people as participating vessels. They come in a variety of shapes, with a unique sense of design and a different build fleet. When you look at the ships at random, you can see that they were designed and built by the most advanced naval engineers in the region, reflecting the understanding and pursuit of advanced ships in different countries. The International Festival Of The Sea has made active and unremitting efforts in advocating scientific and technological innovation, developing marine economy and International friendly cooperation.  

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