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  • Aurora (1782 ship) was launched at Kingston upon Hull. She traded with the Baltic until 1803 when she became a Greenland whaler. In 1808 she brought in a record amount of whale oil. She was lost in 1821 on her 18th voyage to the Northern Whale Fishery. (Mercantile)

  • USS Aurora (SP-345), a U.S. Navy tug and minesweeper (Naval)

  • R/V Aurora Danish research ship owned by Aarhus University. (Other)

  • Aurora (1779 ship) was launched at Philadelphia in 1779. She did not appear in British registers until 1800. She then made four voyages as a slave ship. Next, she became a West Indiaman and was last listed in 1813. (Mercantile)

  • Aurora (1816 ship) was launched at Chittagong; she twice transported convicts to Australia and in 1840 brought immigrants for the New Zealand Company to Wellington, New Zealand; she was wrecked on 27 April 1840 after having landed her immigrants (Mercantile)

  • SS Aurora, several steamships (Mercantile)

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About This Tool

Aurora stands for light and hope. It’s a beautiful word. There are 15 ships named the Aurora, each of them built in a different country, in a different time, but all with the best intentions of their builders. The ship, called the Aurora, is listed in a random tool that makes it easy to look at.

One of the most famous Aurora ships in history is the HMS Aurora, a treaty light cruiser built by the British Royal Navy in the 1930s. The ship was later sold in Hong Kong, China, and renamed. In addition, the Aurora ships in this generator were designed to serve as commercial vessels and military vessels, all of which fulfilled their obligations as ships. Most of the ships were built in the 18th and 19th centuries, and after the war, they were used more as private vessels for adventure and for carrying refugees.

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