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Random Secondary And Special-issue World War II Infantry Weaponsreport

  • Lanchester SMG (United Kingdom)

  • Type 5 Rifle

    (Japan) (Prototype weapons)

  • Mors submachine gun

    (Poland) (Prototype weapons)

  • Inglis Browning Hi-Power (Canada)

  • MAC 1934 (France)

  • Erma EMP (France)

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About This Tool

A staggering number of weapons were designed and built between nations during World War II, and the emergence of powerful weapons doomed the war to many casualties. These weapons were extremely destructive and influenced the second world war to varying degrees. In World War II, infantry weapons are considered as weapons of mass destruction, and the quality of these weapons directly determines the success of the infantry fight or not. The random tool collects a list of 67 infantry weapons from countries around the world to help you learn more about these weapons.

These infantry weapons were the most advanced weapons in the country during World War II. You can use the generator to find detailed lists of weapons from Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland, Japan and other developed countries at the time. These weapons were the talismans of World War II, enabling infantry soldiers to defend themselves against foreign aggression more easily when war broke out.

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