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Random Scientists In Medieval Islamic Worldreport

  • Al-Khazini (fl. 1115-1130) (Astronomers and astrologers)

  • Abu Nasr Mansur (970-1036) (Astronomers and astrologers)

  • Ibn Arabi (Philosophers)

  • Averroes, pioneer of Parkinson's disease (Biologists, neuroscientists, and psychologists)

  • Abu Hanifa an-Nu‘man (699-767), Islamic jurisprudence scholar (Economists and social scientists)

  • Abū Ja'far al-Khāzin (900-971) (Astronomers and astrologers)

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About This Tool

Muslims in the flourishing culture of the Middle Ages, in the life sciences, optics, mathematics, medicine, chemistry and other fields made outstanding contributions. The geniuses among them, like Ratsey, Seener, Zahrawi and Ibn Sakahul, have enriched the world with their knowledge. And the random tool compiled a list of 122 scientists who were well known to Muslims during the Middle Ages.

There is no doubt that many general sciences existed before Muslims. Previous civilizations have made a positive impact in this regard. As the Muslim civilization revives and rises, they too rely on these achievements and take pride in them. However, they are not limited to the former, absorb what they do not, but on the basis of its development and innovation, make it icing on the cake, more colorful. Most of the scientists recorded in the generator tools lived at different times in the Middle Ages, but they did their part to advance the world’s science.

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