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Random Schools In Flintshirereport

  • Cornist Park School (Primary schools)

  • Ysgol Derwenfa (Primary schools)

  • Gwynedd Primary School (Primary schools)

  • Mountain Lane Primary School (Primary schools)

  • Ysgol Maesglas (Primary schools)

  • Elfed High School (Secondary schools)

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About This Tool

Flint is a city in Flint County, Wales, and is now the third-largest city in Flintshire. Following the traditional British model of education, the county attaches great importance to the education of local school-age children. And while the government controls much of the education jurisdiction, the 87 schools that the random tool collates are among the local examples of schools that follow the British model.

In these lists compiled by the generator, we find schools at several different levels, including primary, secondary, high school, and special education. These schools are usually named after famous local buildings, place names, celebrities, or investors. The names also reflect the history of the school and when it was founded.

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