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Random Schools In Ethiopiareport

  • Dilchibo Junior & Secondary School

    (Bahir Dar) (List of schools)

  • Kidame Gebeya High School

    (Dessie) (List of schools)

  • Dembecha Preparatory, Dembecha

    (Other areas) (List of schools)

  • Magic carpet school

    (Weldiya) (List of schools)

  • St. Joseph School

    (Addis Ababa) (List of schools)

  • SOS Herman Gemainer School

    (Bahir Dar) (List of schools)

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About This Tool

Ethiopia has its own unique language and culture. In the new development opportunity of modernization construction, the state puts emphasis on education as one of the strategies of national rejuvenation, and every year about 5% of students go to school to receive an education. The country has so far built 212 schools of different levels to meet the growing demand for education. The tool randomly selected a few of them for presentation.

In these schools collated by this generator, we can see different types of schools in different parts of different cities in Ethiopia, public, private, primary, secondary, special education, etc., almost all kinds of local people in need of education can be met. Three years of pre-primary education, six years of primary education, six years of secondary education and four to five years of higher education are already in line with the world average level of education.  

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