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  • School of the Nations (Escola das Nações) (Brasília)

  • Colégio Versailles (Salvador)

  • Our Lady of Mercy School – olmrio.com (Rio de Janeiro)

  • Ace Language School (São Paulo)

  • American School of Santos (Santos)

  • Colégio Marista Arquidiocesano (São Paulo)

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About This Tool

Originally inhabited by Indians, Brazil was colonized by Portugal in the 16th century, and the 1822 became independent, forming the Brazilian Empire. At that time, the cultural and educational backwardness, illiteracy rate reached 85% . After the Second World War, democratic reforms were introduced, education bills were passed, education reforms were carried out, education was developed, and innovations were made in Basic Education, vocational education and literacy. The government has built 24 of the most prestigious schools in the area, and the random tool has a complete record of the names of these schools.

The Brazilian Constitution provides that all Brazilians have the right to education and that states have a duty to provide educational conditions. The current system of schooling is based on the Basic Education Act 1971. Preschool and general education, as well as higher education, are required for all children of school age. Go to the generator to see specific school information, this will help you to better filter the appropriate schools.

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