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  • Sufion Middle School (Central Asia Institute supported) (Badakhshan Province)

  • Navi Bakhtar High School (private) (Kabul Province)

  • Ahli Mughulha High School (Central Asia Institute supported) (Badakhshan Province)

  • Abu Hanifa Tangi High School (Wardak Province)

  • kakrak high School Jaghatu in Ghazni (boys) (Ghazni Province)

  • Malalai High School (girls) (Kandahar Province)

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About This Tool

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in central and Western Asia. Afghanistan is one of the world’s Least Developed Countries, and three fifths of its territory is inaccessible. Agriculture is the main economic pillar, but arable land is less than two-thirds of agricultural land. The education situation here, the government consciously to teach agricultural knowledge, hope to use the armed forces of knowledge, improve the yield of farmers. Compulsory education in Afghanistan. There are 217 schools across the country, organized in a random tool.

Education in Afghanistan has been seriously damaged by the war, the education level is backward, the teachers are weak, the lack of basic education facilities and funds, with the strong assistance of the international community, education in Afghanistan has gradually made progress. Six million children of school age are enrolled in school and 38 per cent of them are girls. More than one hundred thousand students have reportedly been forced to abandon school since 2005 because of threats and destruction by the Taliban’s remnants. When you look at the list of schools in the generator, you’ll see what a luxury it is to be educated locally.

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