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Random Runaways Story Arcsreport

  • Guest appearances: Iron Man, S.H.I.E.L.D.

    (Live Fast) (The Brian K. Vaughan era)

  • Originally published in: Runaways #11-12 (February 2004)

    (Lost and Found) (The Brian K. Vaughan era)

  • Guest appearances: Captain America, brief one-shot of the Vision

    (Eighteen) (The Brian K. Vaughan era)

  • Originally published in: Runaways #7-9 (February 2009 - April 2009)

    (Rock Zombies) (The Terry Moore era)

  • Originally published in: Runaways #7-10 (October 2003 - January 2004)

    (Teenage Wasteland) (The Brian K. Vaughan era)

  • Creators: writer Terry Moore, artist Humberto Ramos

    (Dead Wrong) (The Terry Moore era)

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About This Tool

The Runaways are America’s Brian K. American comics series by Vaughan and Adrian Alphona for Marvel Comics. In all, it has created 14 stories about a group of fugitives in the convoluted and convoluted Marvel Universe. Sales have skyrocketed because the story is simple, the plot is compelling, and the author’s imagination is wild and wildly popular with fans. 

The random tool collates nearly 50 items, highlighting The development of these story arcs, including Teenage Wasteland, Lost and Found, The Good Die Young, True Believers, Star-Crossed and several other major processes. You can go to this generator to find the main plot of each stage of the story, and you can find details about when the story was released, a brief introduction to the main character, and so on.

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