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Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

  • Daniel Johns on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#6) Daniel Johns

    • Grunge, Alternative rock, Art rock, Electronica, Hard rock

    Kids, remember Silverchair? If you were born in the early '80s, you loved them with a combination of jealousy and fraternity, because they weren't much older than you when their debut record, Frogstomp, sold over two million copies in 1995. Shy frontman Daniel Johns, with his Kurt Cobain look and Eddie Vedder voice, found himself the center of media attention.

    So what happened to Johns? Well, a lot. Freakshow, the follow up to Frogstomp, did pretty well, but Johns developed anorexia and depression, which was the subject of Silverchair's haunting single "Ana's Song (Open Fire)." 

    Since the dissolution of Silverchair, Johns put out some singles with the band The Dissociatives, and wrote and produced songs for pop duo The Veronicas. 

  • Nina Gordon on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#10) Nina Gordon

    • Rock music, Alternative rock

    Failing to meet self-imposed expectations, Nina Gordon and Louise Post bickered about the direction of their '90's girl band following early success with their single, "Volcano Girls." In 1998, the two had what Post called "... a defining fight fallout that we just couldn't get past. And that was that."

    Though neither will reveal details of the fight, the blowup was called "monumental." Post soldiered on under the Veruca Salt moniker, while Gordon married Tonic guitarist Jeff Russo, and released a solo album that produced the single "Tonight and the Rest of My Life." She also recorded a cover of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" that became a surprise success online. 

    In 2014, Veruca Salt announced a reunion and, in 2015, released the album Ghost Notes.

  • Mark McGrath on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#12) Mark McGrath

    • Pop punk, Ska, Pop rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock

    The late '90s was Mark McGrath's oyster. His band Sugar Ray had multiple hit songs.

    After Sugar Ray disbanded, McGrath went on to have a semi successful career as a presenter. To many non-music fans, the singer is known as the a co-host of Extra, and he was the host of Don't Forget the Lyrics!. Other television appearances include hosting Pussycat Dolls Present, a guest judge on American Idol and a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

  • Nick Hexum on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#9) Nick Hexum

    • Ska punk, Experimental rock, Rap rock, Dub, Alternative rock, Funk rock, Hard rock, Reggae fusion

    Remember 311? There's no harshing the mellow of these unflappable (and prodigious) musicians from Omaha, NE, whose blend of hard rock, ska, metal, reggae, punk, funk, and hip hop was all over the radio in mid-to-late '90s. If you were tuned into popular music circa 1996, it was impossible to escape soft-spoken, articulate, gangly, bleached blonde 311 frontman Nick Hexum, who handled most of the band's publicity. They were also a great live band, in case you forgot. 

    So what happened to Hexum and 311? The band was still going strong in the 2010s, thanks to an extremely dedicate fan base. They have an annual 311 Day party/concert on March 11. In 2011, the band started doing Caribbean cruises, during which they perform daily while kicking it with fans, who can take their pick from a slew of events throughout the day. 

    As for Hexum himself, he started his own record label, What Have You Records. In 2013, he launched a side project, The Nick Hexum Quintet, which released a record of reggae-influenced pop songs.

  • Perry Farrell on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#1) Perry Farrell

    • Gothic rock, Alternative rock, Progressive house music, Electronica, Funk rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock

    Regardless of whether you liked Jane's Addiction, if you were of an impressionable age in the 1990s, frontman Perry Farrell had an incalculable impression on your music taste as a co-founder of Lollapalooza. It was also kinda hard to escape his high-pitched screech thanks to singles like "Been Caught Stealing" and "Jane Says." 

    Since the 1990s, Farrell has kept himself busy with multiple Jane's Addiction reunions. In 2004, he and wife Etty Lau Farrell formed a music and theater project called Satellite Party.

    In 2001, Farrell traveled, along with other members of Christian Solidarity International, to Sudan, to negotiate the release of slaves. He toured with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello to raise money for the homeless in Los Angeles and to clean up the Ninth Ward of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He has also advocated for green living and for solutions to global warming.

  • Billy Corgan on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#4) Billy Corgan

    • Gothic rock, Groove metal, Grunge, Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock

    The Pumpkins have been called Gen X's Pink Floyd, and, when Rolling Stone asked readers to pick the best albums of the '90s, the band was the only group with two records on the list. The Pumpkins broke up in 2000, but vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter Billy Corgan and original (and since departed) drummer Jimmy Chamberlin reformed the group and released an album in 2007.

    So what happened to Corgan? After a co-headline Smashing Pumpkins tour with Marilyn Manson in summer 2015, he's reunited with Chamberlin and original SP guitarist James Iha (in Los Angeles). In early 2017, he traveled around the country by train, talking to various people in small towns and playing songs acoustically in random locations, while documenting his trip on Snapchat and through daily video releases. 

    On top of all this, Corgan owned a tea house called Madam ZuZu's in Highland Park, IL, and has performed a live, improvised, eight-hour analog synthesizer interpretation of Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, which was eventually released in an edited version as a five-LP box set

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