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  • Art Alexakis on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#5) Art Alexakis

    • Rock music, Acoustic music, Post-grunge, Alternative rock, Cowpunk

    If you've ever wanted to live beside the ocean and leave the fire behind, you have Everclear to thank. Their biggest singles ("Santa Monica," "Father of Mine," "I Will Buy You A New Life") were as about as ubiquitous in the '90s as tatted dudes with bleached blonde hair singing and guitar slinging, of whom Everclear frontman Art Alexakis was one of the most famous. 

    In 2003, the other two dudes in Everclear bounced, leaving Alexakis to his own devices. Most of the world didn't notice. In 2015, Alexakis went so far as to declare "I am Everclear."

    In 2000, Alexakis testified before Congress in favor of the Compassion for Children and Child Support Enforcement Act. In 2004, he campaigned for John Edwards and was a delegate for his native Oregon at the Democratic National Convention. He is also an activist for gay rights, and once stated "I was aware of Harvey Milk before most people were. It was a great experience."

    In 2017, Everclear embarked on a 20th anniversary tour for third album So Much for the Afterglow. He's also apparently the most hated musician in Portland and once had to declare bankruptcy, thanks to an expensive divorce and a big bill for unpaid taxes. 

  • Nina Gordon on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#10) Nina Gordon

    • Rock music, Alternative rock

    Failing to meet self-imposed expectations, Nina Gordon and Louise Post bickered about the direction of their '90's girl band following early success with their single, "Volcano Girls." In 1998, the two had what Post called "... a defining fight fallout that we just couldn't get past. And that was that."

    Though neither will reveal details of the fight, the blowup was called "monumental." Post soldiered on under the Veruca Salt moniker, while Gordon married Tonic guitarist Jeff Russo, and released a solo album that produced the single "Tonight and the Rest of My Life." She also recorded a cover of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" that became a surprise success online. 

    In 2014, Veruca Salt announced a reunion and, in 2015, released the album Ghost Notes.

  • Adam Duritz on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#8) Adam Duritz

    • Pop music, Rock music, Pop rock, Alternative rock

    Yes, it's the guy from Counting Crows.

    More recently, he teamed up with the Broken Lizard film group for a film called Freeloaders. Naturally, it's about a group of dudes who lives with their rockstar friend in his mansion and will do anything to maintain this life and remain on his coattails.

  • Krist Novoselic on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#2) Krist Novoselic

    • Hip hop music, Noise rock, Rock music, Grunge, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Hardcore punk

    Krist Novoselic was the bassist for Nirvana. Of the three members, he's probably gotten the least publicity. Aside from playing bass for punk band Flipper, Novoselic has done little in the music world, focusing instead on politics.

    He has fought against censorship, founded a political action committee called JAMPAC.

  • Daniel Johns on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#6) Daniel Johns

    • Grunge, Alternative rock, Art rock, Electronica, Hard rock

    Kids, remember Silverchair? If you were born in the early '80s, you loved them with a combination of jealousy and fraternity, because they weren't much older than you when their debut record, Frogstomp, sold over two million copies in 1995. Shy frontman Daniel Johns, with his Kurt Cobain look and Eddie Vedder voice, found himself the center of media attention.

    So what happened to Johns? Well, a lot. Freakshow, the follow up to Frogstomp, did pretty well, but Johns developed anorexia and depression, which was the subject of Silverchair's haunting single "Ana's Song (Open Fire)." 

    Since the dissolution of Silverchair, Johns put out some singles with the band The Dissociatives, and wrote and produced songs for pop duo The Veronicas. 

  • Mark McGrath on Random Rock Stars of 1990s: Where Are They Now

    (#12) Mark McGrath

    • Pop punk, Ska, Pop rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock, Alternative metal, Hard rock

    The late '90s was Mark McGrath's oyster. His band Sugar Ray had multiple hit songs.

    After Sugar Ray disbanded, McGrath went on to have a semi successful career as a presenter. To many non-music fans, the singer is known as the a co-host of Extra, and he was the host of Don't Forget the Lyrics!. Other television appearances include hosting Pussycat Dolls Present, a guest judge on American Idol and a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

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