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Random Restaurant Servers Describe Most Awful Food Requests They’ve Ever Had

  • (#9) Steak And Mayo Calzone

    From a former Redditor:

    A steak and cheese calzone - and instead of cheese a lady wanted an equivalent amount of mayo.

  • (#17) Tomatoes Dipped In Ketchup

    From Redditor /u/RUIN570

    I had a woman order two whole tomatoes and a side of ketchup. She cut up and ate them both while dipping them into ketchup.

  • (#6) Rare Hamburger With Peanut Butter, Ketchup, And Mayo

    From Redditor /u/laudinum:

    Once I had a customer order a rare hamburger with peanut butter, ketchup, and mayo on it. I believe we were not allowed to serve him the burger rare because this was around the time when Jack in the Box had some hamburger problems in the '90s. He offered to sign a waiver to receive his rare burger, but I think we had to stand firm.

  • (#8) Eggplant Parmesan With Peanut Butter

    From Redditor /u/ODaly:

    "Luke" was probably in his late 60s - single, polite, patient, very quiet, and overall just a little bit strange. He'd order an absurd amount of food every time he came in. A normal bill for a single entree, fresh juice, and either a small appetizer or dessert, would probably run $25-30. Luke would run up bills between $80-110. He rarely tipped more than four or five dollars, but that's not what made him a chore to deal with. It was his otherworldly appetite.

    We had a veggie juicer, and most people would order something like "carrot, ginger, orange," or "beet, cucumber, apple." Luke would order things like a "6 oz ginger" or  an "8 oz beet, garlic," and order two or three juices per meal. You could order a side of mixed veggies cooked however you wanted. Luke once ordered a plate of sautéed garlic. He'd order a cup of every soup we had available that day.

    The house salads were some of the main sellers, and Luke would pick and choose and mix and match ingredients into bizarre custom creations (which was maybe one of his least strange habits, though it was tedious). He'd order an entire vegan, gluten-free cheesecake (though he had no dietary restrictions, as far as I know). The cheesecake alone was maybe 14 or 16 inches in diameter and, even with a discount, it cost him about $90.

    Luke would order the veggie pizza with no sauce. He'd order the coconut-chocolate malt, but ask for us to add spirulina to it (we had it on hand as a garnish for the strawberry smoothie, but not as a main ingredient). He'd order a side of peanut butter for his eggplant parmesan. He'd order the curry nachos with slices of toast instead of tortilla chips. The man was deranged.

  • (#10) Gravy On Salad

    From Redditor /u/MaggiesHarm

    I had someone request BROWN GRAVY to use as their salad dressing. I had to have them repeat it a couple of times because it didn't register.

  • (#14) Grilled Cottage Cheese Sandwich

    From Redditor /u/isbeckyok

    Grilled cottage cheese sandwich. Apparently it was her favorite, and her mom would make them for her during the Great Depression as a treat.

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