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  • He Lets Brian Go On A Ridiculously Dangerous Mission, Then Says It Doesn't Matter on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#3) He Lets Brian Go On A Ridiculously Dangerous Mission, Then Says It Doesn't Matter

    The entire plot of Fast & Furious hinges on Dom’s belief that his girlfriend Letty exploded. Understandably, he and the rest of the gang are shocked to discover Letty is alive in Fast & Furious 6

    Because Letty was working undercover for Brian when she allegedly perished, he feels responsible for her fate. To learn why she’s still alive and aiding the bad guys, he plans a solo mission to sneak into a United States correctional facility and interrogate Arturo Braga, the big bad of FF4

    It should be noted that, at this point in the series, Brian and the rest of the crew are internationally wanted criminals. They are not only evading the authorities, but also a highly dangerous band of mercenaries led by Owen Shaw. However, Brian is so verklempt that he’s willing to risk everything to fly halfway around the world, infiltrate a maximum security facility, confront a Mexican cartel leader, and somehow do it all in reverse.

    Dom’s advice? “Be careful.”

    When all is said and done and Brian is back in London, he goes to Dom to tell him what he's learned. Dom ’s response? “Whatever you found out, that’s for you.”

    No, Dom. It was for you, you ungrateful schmuck.

  • His Brand Loyalty Is Asinine on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#11) His Brand Loyalty Is Asinine

    When Brian saves Dom from getting picked up by the cops in The Fast and the Furious, Dom returns the favor by inviting him into his home and offering him a beer. "You can have any brew you want, as long as it’s a Corona," he says. It’s a charming moment, and a play on Henry Ford’s tongue-in-cheek phrase that men could have any color of Model T they wanted, "so long as it is black."

    In the first FF, this exchange means nothing apart from the fact that Dom has a preference for the Mexican beer. However, as the series progresses, this preference mutates into a full-blown refusal to drink literally any other beer. When Mr. Nobody offers Dom a pint of what is undoubtedly world-class Belgian ale in Furious 7, Dom stares at him with blank-faced condescension. "I'm more of a Corona man myself," he says.

    Mr. Nobody has bent over backwards to offer Dom protection, equipment, and unlimited access to government funds, and Dom can’t even muster a polite, "No, thank you."

    In fact, Dom’s reaction is so predictably childish that Mr. Nobody has already procured a bucket of Corona in advance. That’s not charming - it’s asinine.

  • He Knew The Tuna Was Terrible on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#9) He Knew The Tuna Was Terrible

    There is a clue in the original Fast & Furious that Dominic Toretto may not have the community’s best interest at heart. Before fully embarking on a life of crime, and then heroic counter-terrorism, Dom was a simple shopkeeper. Toretto’s Market & Cafe was a cozy spot where locals could grab a few groceries and enjoy a sandwich. But there was something rotten in Los Angeles...

    While attempting to infiltrate Dom’s crew, undercover cop Brian O’Connor makes a habit of ordering lunch at the cafe. He frequently asks Mia about the state of the tuna. That may or may not be a crude joke on his part, but it's nothing of the sort to its regular patrons. Mia tells Brian:

    Every day for the last three weeks you've been coming in here and you've been asking me how the tuna is. Now, it was crappy yesterday, it was crappy the day before and guess what? It hasn't changed.

    In fact, the tuna at Toretto’s Market & Cafe is so gross that nobody will order it. Vince attests to this when he’s chasing Brian out of the cafe. After Brian swears he likes the tuna, Vince calls him on it. He screams, "Bullsh*t, *sshole, no one likes the tuna here!"

    If the tuna was this notoriously bad, Dom surely knew about it. Yet he did nothing to rectify the situation, and exposed countless people to food poisoning. 

  • He Gets Married In A Tank Top on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#1) He Gets Married In A Tank Top

    Dom got married in a tank top.

    Letty didn't get married in a tank top. Letty wore a full bridal dress, and Letty never wears dresses

    Dom and Letty weren't married in a garage. They were married in a church. By a priest. With candles and everything.

    Dom wore a tank top. To his own wedding. 

  • He Is Responsible For The Demise Of Both His Girlfriends on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#5) He Is Responsible For The Demise Of Both His Girlfriends

    The plot of 2009’s Fast & Furious is efficiently simple: Someone has offed Letty, Dom’s girlfriend, and he wants revenge. When Dom learns that Letty was secretly working for Brian in order to get Dom’s record expunged, he doesn't take it well. In his eyes, this means Brian is responsible for Letty's demise, but any mature adult knows the opposite is true.

    The whole reason Dom has a record is because he and his crew were stealing DVD players out of the backs of trucks in The Fast and the Furious. Brian didn't make Dom do that. Then, in Fast & Furious, we see that Dom and Letty are living a content - if unlawful - life in the Dominican Republic, until Dom abandons her in the supposedly "noble" attempt to keep her safe. Had Dom just accepted Letty’s independent choice to stay with him, she never would have tried to clean his record. That makes Dom doubly responsible for her demise - at least until she's revealed to be alive at the end of Fast Five.

    Dom is also responsible for the passing of Elena Neves, the Brazilian cop he begins dating in Fast Five. Though the two end their relationship on good terms, Elena is abducted by Cipher in The Fate of the Furious and used as leverage against Dom, the father of her child. This leverage works until it doesn’t, and Elena is taken out in front of him.

    F8 may be the series’ worst entry, and ending Elena for the sake of drama is the most glaring example. Instead of being emotionally resonant, it just solidifies the fact that being associated with Dominic Toretto is a fast ticket to the grave.

  • There Is No Earthly Way He Could Beat Shaw In A Fight on Random reasons why Dominic Toretto Is Worst Part Of 'Fast And Furious'

    (#4) There Is No Earthly Way He Could Beat Shaw In A Fight

    Let’s break down the combat stats of Deckard Shaw and Dominic Toretto:

    • Deckard Shaw: Member of the British military since age 20, major in the Special Air Service, recipient of the Victoria Cross Award, UK Special Forces assassin. In Mr. Nobody’s words, the man is a “legitimate English badass.”
    • Dominic Toretto: Races cars real good, lifts weights.

    At the end of Furious 7, Dom and Shaw engage in a head-to-head fight. As they run at each other, the film slows down and the music swells in a dramatic chorus. It’s very pretty, but even for the franchise, it’s absurd.

    The Fast & Furious movies take place in a universe where most problems can be solved by driving faster and furiouser. That’s why Dom can ramp his car off a collapsing parking garage and hook a bag of grenades on a helicopter. That follows his universe’s rules. But winning a hand-to-hand fight against a trained assassin? No.

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