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Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

  • They Get Sheepish Around Potential Mates on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#10) They Get Sheepish Around Potential Mates

    For the most part, pangolins are very solitary creatures. They come out at night, they stay underground, and they don’t move in packs or pairs. When they are ready to go out looking for love, males try to attract females with special scent markings, and then they watch and wait. When a female comes, things start to get a little weird.

    For one thing, male Pangolins turn into awkward dorks when a female comes along. They are not sure how to approach, they seem skittish, and they’ll often scare their potential mate away. This might also be because the male is up for 50% heavier and larger than the female. Add in some sharp and potentially harmful scales to navigate, and you can see why mating would be a bit of a tricky procedure.

  • They Get Stinky When They Get Nervous on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#9) They Get Stinky When They Get Nervous

    Up until now, you may have noticed these animals seem similar to possums, armadillos, and maybe aardvarks in some of their characteristics. However, they have something in common with another common animal you know: a skunk. Pangolins depend on their sense of smell for many things, and mark their territory with a strong scent so others can know they’re in the wrong turf. These glands that secret the strong smelling substance also activate whenever the pangolin is afraid, much like a skunk. The glands are located near the anus, and while they don’t spray their scent like skunks do, you should be able to smell a scared pangolin from quite a distance away. Lesser predators might even be dissuaded from approaching. 

  • They Can Shut Their Ears And Noses To Keep Out Insects on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#12) They Can Shut Their Ears And Noses To Keep Out Insects

    When a pangolin eats, it can be a pretty tricky procedure. Some tree-dwelling pangolin will seek out fruit, then prey on the insects that come to eat said fruit. Ground-dwelling pangolin will seek out ants nests, termites, and other small swarming insects. Given that pangolins don’t have a lot of scales on their faces, how are they able to protect themselves from their potential dinner?

    One strange talent pangolins have is that they can shut just about every hole on their face. When eating lots of insects, these creatures will use specialized muscles to shut their nose, their eyes, and even their ears at will, just to keep defending insects out. Thus, when a pangolin eats, it can look like they’re in an intense fit of ecstasy just from enjoying their meal. 

  • They Are The World's Only Scaled Mammal on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#1) They Are The World's Only Scaled Mammal

    If you've never seen a pangolin before, the sight of one might be a bit of a shocker. They can look like a possum mixed with a pinecone, or like something straight off of a Pokemon card. The fact is, their appearance is incredibly unique, because they are the only mammal with scales in the world. Armadillos come close, but they're not truly a scaled animal. 

    Pangolins come in eight different species, spanning many different countries. One thing they all have in common is that they have hard scales all over their bodies. These scales aren't just for looks, either. The edges of these are razor sharp, and if the animal is bitten or grabbed hastily, the scales can actually cut skin and cause real damage. Unfortunately, this is the only real defense the pangolin has against predators.

  • Some Have Super Dextrous Tails on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#4) Some Have Super Dextrous Tails

    One of the pangolin's most notable features is its very long, semi-flat, and scaly tail. In some species of Pangolin, this tail is for more than just balance and looks. In fact, the tail of many pangolin is incredibly strong, dexterous, and genuinely prehensile. This means they can grab things with it, use it for climbing, and even just hang upside down. 

    Indian pangolins found in Sri Lanka, for example, live in the rainforest canopy their entire lives, rather than on the ground as with some African species. They use their tails to grasp branches to aid with their climbing, and can be sometimes found hanging upside down from trees. Other species from Africa who do not hang or have perfectly prehensile tails can still use their tails for balance, and for defending their bodies from attack.

  • They Can Have Tongues That Are Longer Than Their Bodies on Random Reasons Pangolin Is Most Badass Animal

    (#7) They Can Have Tongues That Are Longer Than Their Bodies

    Pangolins aren’t exactly the biggest creatures. The smallest ones are around four pounds, and the largest ones still only get to about 70 pounds. There are some species that can reach six feet long, which is mostly the tail, but many others are just a few feet long even at full size. However, that length could be more than doubled if you included the size of their tongues. 

    Pangolins have long tongues because they mainly eat insects. These long tongues can go into burrows, sticking to ants and other bugs before sucking them back in. In many cases, pangolins’ tongues are actually longer than their entire bodies, though you’re unlikely to see them fully extended. That means we’re looking at a minimum of several feet of tongue for a full-grown pangolin.

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Pangolins live mostly in subtropical deciduous forests. Pangolins are a kind of mammals that are covered with scales from head to tail. They have no teeth and poor eyesight. In fact, they will never be a threat to any other mammals. When facing enemies, pangolins will shrink into a ball to protect their soft abdomen with scales. However, the harmless pangolins have become the most trafficked animals in the world.

This ancient species, which has lived on the earth for more than 40 million years, is on the brink of extinction within a few decades. But in fact, the scales of pangolins are actually made of keratin, just like human nails. The random tool introduces 16 facts about pangolins you will be interested in.

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