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  • (#15) The Exorcism Of Kristy Bamu

    Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend, Eric Bikubi, murdered Bamu’s 15-year-old brother, Kristy Bamu. Kristy and four of his siblings were visiting Bamu and Bikubi in London, though they lived in Paris, for the holidays in 2010. Bikubi soon became convinced that Kristy had been practicing witchcraft and subjected him to horrible torture for several days, which included beatings and starvation.

    Kristy ultimately drowned in a bath Bikubi made him take for ritual cleansing purposes on Christmas Day.

  • (#4) The Exorcism Of Nun Irina Cornici

    In 2005, Maricica Irina Cornici, a young Romanian nun, believed the devil was trying to communicate with her inside her mind. She was initially treated for schizophrenia, but her fellow nuns decided what she needed was an exorcism. The nuns and a monk tied the woman to a cross, shoved a towel in her mouth, and left her there for multiple days with no food. She died of suffocation and dehydration. The monk and nuns were charged with her murder, and they were sentenced to between five to 14 years in prison.

    The 2012 Romanian film Beyond the Hills was inspired by this case.

  • (#12) Irene Mbithe's Exorcism Of Her Baby

    Irene Mbithe allegedly murdered her 6-month-old baby by cutting out his tongue and intestines in an exorcism attempt in Kenya in 2016. Mbithe claimed her horrifying actions were to free her son from demons, and neighbors said they heard her praying for several hours before the murder.

    In news broadcasts, Mbithe was pictured holding the baby’s body, wrapped up in a sheet, in her lap. The boy’s father was away at the time, and Mbithe and the child had been staying with Mbithe’s aunt.

  • (#9) The Exorcism Of Jaqueline Sanchez

    Jaqueline Sanchez was 22 when she suffered a fatal heart attack at her family’s church in Belize in 2015. Her parents said that she was struck with convulsions and refused to eat after using a Ouija board, and they believed she had been possessed.

    Though Sanchez was reportedly held down during her exorcism, authorities also ruled that she had died of natural causes and that "the bruises and lacerations to her body [were] due to a trance that she was suffering."

  • Zakieya L. Avery's Exorcism Of Her Children on Random Real Exorcisms Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

    (#8) Zakieya L. Avery's Exorcism Of Her Children

    In 2014, a 28-year-old Maryland mother of four named Zakieya L. Avery stabbed her two youngest children - ages 1 and 2 - to death. The older children, ages 5 and 8, were wounded but survived. Another woman, 21-year-old Monifa Denise Sanford, was also charged in the murders.

    Police were alerted to the horrifying crime when a neighbor called and said they thought something weird was going on in the home. They later learned that Avery believed the devil was in her children, and she and Sanford had been trying to exorcise them.

  • (#7) Eder Guzman-Rodriguez's Exorcism Of His Child

    In 2011, Eder Guzman-Rodriguez, of Virginia, beat his 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, to death while attempting to exorcize a demon he believed had entered her body. She was found beaten and strangled on a bed, and several religious books had been placed around her body.

    Before he murdered his daughter, he beat his wife to the point of blacking out so that she could not stop him. He was sentenced to 20 years and 11 months in prison.

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Nowadays, most contemporary historians, medical scientists attribute the supernatural phenomenon of "ghost possession" to human mental illness. The Catholic Church of the Vatican recognizes the legality of exorcism in accordance with the Bible and tradition and retains the exorcism ceremony. Larger parishes also have priests responsible for exorcism. Exorcism is an ancient tradition of many cultural and religious belief systems.

According to the spiritual beliefs of the exorcist, she can perform elaborate rituals or simply order and make ghosts leave the human body. Since the 18th century, exorcism has always existed in real life, and there are still many exorcism rituals around the world that have been recognized. The random tool introduced 15 creepy true stories about real exorcisms.

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