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Random Provosts Of Trinity College, University Of Torontoreport

  • 1926-1945: Francis H. Cosgrave (Provosts)

  • 1900-1921: Thomas C. S. Macklem (Provosts)

  • 1986-1996: Robert H. Painter (Provosts)

  • 2014-present: Mayo Moran (Provosts)

  • 1957-1972: Derwyn R. G. Owen (Provosts)

  • 1979-1986: F. Kenneth Hare (Provosts)

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About This Tool

Founded in 1865, Trinity College is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected educational institutions. The school is renowned for its challenging curriculum and integrated curriculum in the arts, athletics and community service. And the school’s top management for the school’s governance has its own set of methods, which is these years the school can be stable and orderly development of an important guarantee. Trinity College currently has 15 Outstanding Provost Positions, and the list is maintained in this random tool.

At Trinity College, the Provost is a senior academic administrator and senior executive director of the college. They are responsible for day-to-day affairs, connecting the past with the future, managing the daily administrative work of general administrative staff, etc. They are like the soul of the school, driving the healthy growth of the school. And in the generator, you can find their names, their tenure, and so on, and the oldest provost is over 30 years old.  

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