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Random Provosts Of Peterheadreport

  • 1971–1975: Thomas L. Smith, headmaster (Provosts)

  • 1885–1888: John Henderson Will of Downiehills, fish curer (Provosts)

  • 1956–1965: Robert Forman, company director, boat owner (Provosts)

  • 1930–1936: John B Dickie, timber merchant (Provosts)

  • 1843–1857: Roderick Grey, WS, solicitor (Provosts)

  • 1927–1930: James Milne, coal merchant (Provosts)

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About This Tool

Peterhead is a town of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, England, east of Aberdeenshire. Peterhead is the most populous settlement in Aberdeenshire and is geographically the easternmost point of the Scottish mainland. The Provost is in charge of the day-to-day affairs of the Scottish Parliament in Peter Heidelberg. This position is elected by the Council and serves not only as chairman of the body but also as head of the town. So far, 18 Provost’s have served, recorded in the random tool.

Through the generator, you can also see the tenure of these provosts, names, and previous positions. Although they may have worked in different fields before, since their appointment as provost, they have worked tirelessly for the development of the town, taking the town and its inhabitants to the next level.  

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