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Random Provosts Of Oriel College, Oxfordreport

  • 1914 to 1930: Lancelot Ridley Phelps

  • 1415 to 1417: William Corffe

  • 2018 (current): Neil Mendoza, entrepreneur, publisher and philanthropist.

  • 1476 to 1479: Thomas Hawkyns

  • 1566 to 1574: John Belly

  • 1435 to 1446: Walter Lyhert

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About This Tool

The Oriel College was built on the 1326, south of the city centre. Academics are in the middle of the pack, and the college atmosphere is very friendly. The school attaches great importance to the education of students in various liberal education, especially in sports. As a result, different levels of rowing competitions are held here every year, and the school is famous for it. Since the establishment of the school, the school has appointed a provost as a senior administrative staff responsible for the supervision and management of day-to-day affairs.

To date, a total of 53 provost collections have been included in this random tool generator. Their specific dates of appointment, detailed names, and their job titles are all clearly preserved, for those who want to apply to the university or want to know more about the administrative staff of the university.

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