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Random Provosts Of King's College, Cambridgereport

  • [Provost]: Edward Fox
    [Appointed]: 1528

  • [Provost]: George Thackeray
    [Appointed]: 1814

  • [Provost]: Samuel Collins
    [Appointed]: 1615

  • [Provost]: Patrick Bateson
    [Appointed]: 1988

  • [Provost]: Richard Hatton
    [Appointed]: 1508

  • [Provost]: Robert Wodelark
    [Appointed]: 1452

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About This Tool

King’s College London is one of the leading research-oriented universities in the UK, the fourth oldest in the UK and a member of the Golden Triangle and the Russell Group, with a worldwide academic reputation. The school was founded by King George IV of the United Kingdom and the Prime Minister, Duke of Wellington, in 1829 in London. In addition, since the founding of 1441, the school has begun to select provost as the school’s top management. The random tool has a list of 45 people.

These provosts are responsible for the daily affairs of the school, the school’s various external affairs, etc., busy work, responsible for the development of the school. The generator registers the names of each provost and their respective dates of the appointment here, making it easy to check with friends who want to apply to the school or have questions about its senior management.  

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