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Random Provosts Of Edinburghreport

  • 1790 James Stirling

    (18th century) (Lord Provosts of Edinburgh)

  • (1706) Sir Samuel McClellan

    (18th century) (Lord Provosts of Edinburgh)

  • 1872 James Cowan

    (19th century) (Lord Provosts of Edinburgh)

  • 1817 Kincaid Mackenzie

    (19th century) (Lord Provosts of Edinburgh)

  • (1519) Archibald Douglas of Kilspindie

    (16th century) (Past Provosts of Edinburgh)

  • (1477) James Creichton of Ruthven or Rowan

    (15th century) (Past Provosts of Edinburgh)

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About This Tool

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, on the southern shore of Firth of Forth in the Central Lowlands of Scotland. The respected bishops are also the conveners of Edinburgh’s local government. They are elected by the city council and serve not only as of the chairman of the body but also as the head of the city. They’re in the rank of lieutenant. A mayoral institution that is in many ways equivalent to that of many other countries/regions.

Edinburgh is not only a political center but also a cultural center. This venerable priesthood dates back to 1667 when Charles promoted the Provost to Lord Prost Grand Prix, the equivalent of a mayoralty. The random tool generates a list of 251 good bishops, who have been around since the 14th century and continue to this day, with a new head of the church re-elected every few years to run Edinburgh’s Day to day affairs.  

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