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Random Provisional Presidents Of Argentine Senatereport

  • [Name]: Wenceslao Díaz Colodrero
    [Entered office]: 1875
    [Left office]: 1876
    [Party]: National Autonomist Party

  • [Name]: José Pampuro
    [Entered office]: February 22, 2006
    [Left office]: November 30, 2011
    [Party]: Justicialist Party, Front for Victory

  • [Name]: Antonio del Pino
    [Entered office]: 1910
    [Left office]: 1911
    [Party]: National Autonomist Party

  • [Name]: José Antonio Allende
    [Entered office]: July 13, 1973
    [Left office]: April 25, 1975
    [Party]: Christian Democratic Party

  • [Name]: Marcos Paz
    [Entered office]: 1862
    [Left office]: 1862
    [Party]: Liberal Party

  • [Name]: Félix Uriburu
    [Entered office]: 1905
    [Left office]: 1906
    [Party]: National Autonomist Party

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About This Tool

The Argentine Parliament consists of two chambers, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, which are legislative and supervisory bodies and exercise legislative and governmental oversight functions. Argentina’s powerful Senate, responsible for day-to-day national affairs and decision-making, but also responsible for the transmission of diplomatic information and so on. The President pro tempore of the Senate is generally assumed to be the highest-ranking official in the House of Lords unless the nominal president of the Senate, the Vice President of Argentina, is present.

The random tool compiles a list of 61 interim presidents from Argentina’s parliament. The names of the interim presidents, dates of arrival and departure, and party affiliation information are all integrated into the generator. The Argentine Parliament has conducted extensive and in-depth consultations and coordination on the relevant proposals. The interim president is re-elected every year and can be re-elected.

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