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  • There are also outdoor tennis courts (next to Anderson Station) . (Athletic facilities)

  • Dominican Community Cemetery - Located just north of McVinney Hall, the cemetery is the final resting place of many of the school's former teachers and presidents. (Other buildings and facilities)

  • Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium - the 2,500-seat stadium is home to the men's and women's soccer teams and the men's lacrosse team. The field is named after Mike Chapey for his donation of $1mil dollars, and stadium is named after Karl Anderson for his donation of $1.5mil It directly borders Schneider Arena and Huxley Avenue. (Athletic facilities)

  • Bedford Hall was named for former benefactor and trustee Howard Bedford. The Student Health Center is located in the basement, as well as the Personal Counseling Center, in the original location of McPhail's night club (then called Stuart's). (This is the second building on campus named for Bedford; his name previously graced Sullivan Hall while it was a dormitory.) (Residential halls and apartments)

  • Suites Hall - completed in 2004 along with the Smith Center, is a hybrid of the apartment and dormitory setup. Like the apartments, dormitory rooms share common living areas in groups; however, they do not have full kitchens. It is part of the new Lower Campus quad. (Residential halls and apartments)

  • Glay Field - the softball field, at the corner of Huxley and Eaton, on the Lower Campus. (formerly the soccer field prior to its move to Anderson Stadium in the Spring of 2016) (Athletic facilities)

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The Providence College is the only university in the United States run by monks. All undergraduate students are required to take a core course that lasts two years and focuses on the development of western civilization. In addition to learning, the school also has a wealth of extra-curricular activities, more than 100 student societies and clubs, and game competitions held annually. The school has been specially equipped with teaching facilities for students and has constructed buildings suitable for different purposes.

This includes the daily classes and teaching buildings, administrative buildings for the executive office, dormitories, canteens, libraries, sports halls and so on, a total of 28 buildings, recorded in the random tool. Information about these buildings, their primary use, date of establishment, location, etc. is stored in the generator for reference by new students or students from other schools.  

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