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  • Imre Augustich: Prirodopis s kepami (Natural history with images), 1878

  • János Kardos: Mála historia bibliszka (Small history of Bible), 1840

  • József Kossics: Zobriszani Szloven i Szlovenka med Műrov i Rábov (Educated Slovene Man and Women between the Mura and Raba), 1845

  • Iván Bassa: Katolicsanszki katekizmus za solare (Catholic catechism for Schoolchildren), 1909

  • János Kardos: Krsztsanszke mrtvecsne peszmi (Christian dead hymns), 1848

  • István Küzmics: Nouvi Zákon (New Testament) translation of the Bible, 1771

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About This Tool

Prekmurje Slovene is a very rare language, and there is very little literature on it in the world, and the random tool only managed to compile 51 documents on Prekmurje Slovene. Most of these documents were recorded in the mid to late 18th century, dictated or recorded by scholars who were good at the language, and then spread around the world to give the world a new understanding of Prekmurje Slovene.

Many later generations have written about the Slovenian inhabitants of Hungary and the Wyndian language, and the only ones that have really survived are the ones that have generated the records, so this list is for those of you who want to learn Prekmurje Slovene, it’s a very valuable list. Prekmurje Slovene has gone through several turbulent war periods, and the few remaining Prekmurje Slovene political missions and writers have helped preserve Prekmurje Slovene’s language and identity.

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