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Random Philippine Co-produced Films And Television Seriesreport

  • [Title]: Goodbye America
    [Year]: 1997
    [Director]: United States Thierry Notz
    [Production studios]: United States Quantum EntertainmentPhilippines ABS-CBN Entertainment
    [Genre]: Action drama

  • [Title]: Warbus
    [Year]: 1985
    [Director]: Italy Ted Kaplan
    [Production studios]: Italy Amerinda EstPhilippines Regal Films
    [Genre]: Action

  • [Title]: Batibot
    [Year]: 1984
    [Director]: Philippines Kokoy Jimenez
    [Production studios]: United States Children's Television WorkshopPhilippines Philippine Children's Television Foundation
    [Genre]: EducationalPuppetry
    (Television series)

  • [Title]: Legacy
    [Year]: 1998
    [Director]: Canada T.J. Scott
    [Production studios]: United States Quantum Entertainment, Chrome Pegasus ProductionsPhilippines ABS-CBN Entertainment
    [Genre]: Action

  • [Title]: Blood in Dispute
    [Year]: 2015
    [Director]: Canada Ken Simpson
    [Production studios]: Cambodia Phum Pich Films, Cambodian Television NetworkPhilippines GMA Network
    [Genre]: Drama

  • [Title]: A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery
    [Year]: 2016
    [Director]: Philippines Lav Diaz
    [Production studios]: Singapore Potocol, Akanga Film ProductionsPhilippines Ten17 Productions, Sine Olivia Pilipinas, Epicmedia
    [Genre]: Historical fantasy

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About This Tool

Philippine TV dramas refer to the dramas produced by ABS-CBN, TV5, GMA and other companies, which can be divided into different forms and styles. At the same time, the Philippines also has many well-known movies. The TV series and films may have been produced by the Philippines alone, and many have been co-produced internationally. The generator collates 13 co-produced movies or TV series.

These co-productions are of high quality, well-made and more global in scope, not limited to local Filipino culture. The random tool stores specific information about these CO productions, including release times, directors, Production studios, the genre of film or TV series, partner countries, etc. While you’re watching a movie or TV show from the Philippines, check out the source list.  

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