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  • Andy Kessler on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#13) Andy Kessler

    • Dec. at 48 (1961-2009)
    The skateboarding scene wouldn't be complete without the legendary Andy Kessler. The selfless athlete helped build skate parks all throughout New York. In 2009, while visiting a troubled friend, Kessler was stung by a wasp. He had a severe allergic reaction to the sting, and died shortly after at the age of 48. 
  • Texas Farmer Larry Goodwin on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#1) Texas Farmer Larry Goodwin

    While he may not be famous in his own right, it's Larry Goodwin's death is certainly infamous. As a farmer working in the field one day, Goodwin was attacked by over 40,000 Africanized bees. The bees did not hurt anyone else - just Goodwin. He tried to escape, but the bees followed him and stung him to death. He received over 3,000 stings.
  • Kingsmill Key on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#11) Kingsmill Key

    • Dec. at 68 (1864-1932)
    Kingsmill Key was one of the great English cricket legends. His world record store of 281 is unmatched to this day. In 1932, Key passed away when he contracted blood poisoning from an insect bite at the age of 67.
  • Andy Irons on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#5) Andy Irons

    • Dec. at 32 (1978-2010)
    Andy Irons was a talented surfer and three-time world championship. Despite his healthy physique and general fitness, Irons couldn't fight off Dengue fever - a mosquito-born tropical disease - which he contracted while traveling for a surf tournament. Irons died at age 32.
  • Giovanni Villani on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#17) Giovanni Villani

    Giovanni Villani was one of roughly 200 million people who died during Europe's Black Plague pandemic. Working as a banker, historian, and politician, Villani and his family were brought down by the disease in 1250. Flea-bitten cats, dogs, and rats carried the disease, which spread across the whole continent in a matter of years.
  • 5th Earl of Carnarvon George Herbert on Random People Who Were Killed by Bugs

    (#12) 5th Earl of Carnarvon George Herbert

    The death of Lord Carnarvon put the "curse" of bug bites on the map. After opening King Tut's tomb on a private expedition in 1923, Lord Carnarvon and his followers suffered a mysterious death shortly after, which became known as "King Tut's Curse."

    Turns out, there was no curse. The Lord died from an untreated mosquito bite on his face that led to a fatal infection.

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Bugs can ruin a pleasant vacation. Few things can be worse than being troubled by a swarm of insects. Sometimes they will bite you or even sting you, the wound may swell or be infected, or kill you directly. I know this may sound extreme, but insects have killed many people over the years, harmful insects spread diseases through their bites. This sounds terrible, doesn't it?

The reports about terrible insect murder are frequent in history, there are 17 people who were killed by bugs, the random tool described 17 true stories which make people feel afraid of bugs. 

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