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  • (#4) Killed By A Great White

    From Redditor /u/Pit_of_Death:

    I was living down there [San Luis Obispo, CA] in 2003 when a woman was killed by a great white at Avila. I remember it clearly because I had been swimming there only a few days beforehand. Eeesh.

  • (#13) It Was A Seizure

    From Redditor /u/daprice82:

    One of my best friends. His girlfriend hadn't heard from him. She called me to go check on him (I lived closer) and I went to his apartment. His car was there, but no one answered his door when I knocked so I just assumed he caught a ride to work with someone else.

    Then she called his work and they said he never showed up. She called me back as she was racing over there (she had a key). We both got there about the same time and went in together. Turned on his bedroom light and found him. He was hanging upside down off his bed and when I touched him, he fell onto the floor. He'd been dead for hours and was already stiff and purple. I distinctly remember that even though he was on his back, his arm was sticking up in the air.

    Turns out he'd had a seizure (he was prone to them) and had one severe enough that it killed him.

    Worst experience of my life. I still think about walking into that room every single day.

  • (#7) Killed By A Metal Pipe

    From Redditor /u/Chris632:

    Didn't really find a dead body, but a co-worker I was working with died on the same shift I was working on. A large metal pipe fell from the top floor of the factory about six stories down and pierced through his helmet and head. He died upon impact. I saw the whole thing unfold and was the first to arrive on the scene. I was in charge of safety that day.

    Let me shed some light on what exactly happened.

    This happened at one of the biggest steel companies in Europe. I was working in the factory where they made the liquid steel by throwing in liquid ores and scrap metal into this huge ovens. The cranes take care of throwing the stuff in and this takes place every 15 to 30 minutes. The scrap metal is thrown into containers and then gets transported through the factory by the cranes. While the containers are being moved by the cranes no one is allowed to walk on the factory floor. Safety guys make sure everyone gets off the floor once it is time to transport this stuff. The containers where the scrap metal is in are open at the top so stuff could fall out. This is exactly what happened and the guy that got hit shouldn't have been walking there. One of my co workers failed on making sure no one was walking on the floor. Needless to say he was fired.

  • (#15) Found A Body While Boating

    From Redditor /u/alas11:

    I was coxing a pair, (Rowing boat, two oarsmen) on the River Ouse in Bedford (UK) in the '80s, in early January just after the river had thawed. I would have been in my mid teens.

    A strong cross wind blew us toward the bank, the prow of the boat thunked over something floating just below the surface. Then it sort of slid and rolled down the side of the boat. I said 'We've hit a bag of rubbish,' as I didn't want the oarsmen to think we had grounded. As the 'rubbish' came alongside the stroke oarsman, he said 'The rubbish is wearing a tie.'

    It was clearly a body, floating face down, it's hair forming a sort of moldy looking corona around a bald patch, the tie, red paisley, surfaced just next to the head. The collar and shoulders of a dun raincoat were also visible in the dark water.

    We skulled into the bank and went to call the plod. But before we could find a phone, a patrolling bobby came along the bank. His reaction: 'It's too cold to swim, you lads couldn't get him for us could you?' So we got back into the boat, skulled out to where he was, the stroke man grabbed him by the coat tails and we headed back for the bank. The act of pulling the cadaver through the water was a little unexpected, in that he pivoted, rose head and shoulders out of the water, then gently headbutted the side of the boat, all the way to the bank, thud, thud, thud.

    We took off, to put the boat away, some distance up river and came back on foot, by which time he'd been covered up. I had however seen his face, and I was pretty sure I'd seen him somewhere.

    Fast forward several weeks... I was called to a meeting with the head of music, which was odd, as I was and am about as musical as a canteen of cutlery in a tumble drier. He wanted to thank us for pulling his brother from the river, who had committed suicide by jumping off the town bridge through the ice. He had been psychotic and off his meds, apparently he frequently used to 'commit suicide' by jumping off the bridge, but never when the river was frozen before. He looked exactly like his brother.

  • (#19) Found In The Backseat

    From Redditor /u/RollinBawls:

    My brother and I were going out clubbing on a Friday night during the winter of 2006ish. There was a small nightclub beside our house (this is not the club we were going to). It started to snow as we were leaving we noticed a girl getting out of a new Mercedes as we drove past. Later that night around 3 am we drove back home and it was really icy and snowing. We noticed that girl's Mercedes was the only car still in the parking lot by our house. Didn't think anything of it (regrettably.) Later that morning we woke up and went to go get food. The roads were still really icy and the car was still there. We decided to scrape the snow and ice off drivers side window.

    We seen that girl in the backseat curled up and purple. She was dead, no doubt. We freaked out for a second then called the cops. A fire truck pulled up really soon. They broke the window out and confirmed she was dead. She had a half empty bottle of wine still in her hands. The cops interrogated us separately in cop cars. They let us go right after. If only we would have checked out the car the night we came home and not the next day.

  • (#5) The Van Accident

    From Redditor /u/trulyunruly:

    I have a similar story that stays with me. I was with my family driving back from Utah, and we were just outside of Las Vegas on the I-15 (southbound). All of a sudden, the traffic in front of us quickly comes to a halt. A 15-person passenger van traveling northbound had swerved into the median and rolled over. Everyone in the car was ejected through the windows of the van. There were bodies all over the median.

    The people in the first cars that stopped had tried to cover the bodies with whatever was available from the van...sleeping bags, sweatshirts, pillow cases, etc. The faces were covered, but what I remember so vividly is a pair of small, shoeless feet just sticking out from under the coverings. It took my breath away.

    As we sat in traffic, we could hear the lifeflight helicopter, the ambulances, and the fire truck making their way to the accident scene. I am not sure if there were any survivors.

    We learned later that it was a church youth group being driven by a youth minister. The image of those bodies laying in the median and shrouded in sleeping bags is something I will never forget :-(

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