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  • Paul Walker on Random People Who Died from Catastrophic Car Malfunctions

    (#3) Paul Walker

    • Actor

    The "Fast and Furious" actor met an untimely death when he and friend, Roger Rodas, took a Porsche Carrera GT out for a drive in 2013. The vehicle smashed into a tree and a lamp post before bursting into flames.

    Both Walker's daughter (Meadow) and father filed separate wrongful death lawsuits against Porsche, claiming the car company failed to install certain safety features which would have helped to save the actor's life.

    Meadow's lawsuit claims her father survived the crash, but burned to death after being trapped due to Porsche defects. The lawsuit is still ongoing.  

  • Anton Yelchin on Random People Who Died from Catastrophic Car Malfunctions

    (#1) Anton Yelchin

    • Actor
    Twenty-seven-year-old Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin died at his home in Los Angeles in 2016 after being struck by his own car. He was standing behind his Jeep Grand Cherokee when it suddenly rolled backward down his steep driveway and pinned him to his brick mailbox and security gate. Investigators said that the car was in neutral when the accident occurred, although they weren't sure why he got out of the car. It turns out, the Grand Cherokee was the subject of a recall. Other owners filed complaints and cited injuries, though Yelchin's death was the first fatality.
  • 911 Call for Malfunctioning Toyota on Random People Who Died from Catastrophic Car Malfunctions

    (#2) 911 Call for Malfunctioning Toyota

    In 2009, the Saylor family was driving along the San Diego Highway when they lost control of their rental car. Moments before the 2009 Lexus E350 crashed, the family contacted 911 reporting that the accelerator was stuck. The vehicle reached speeds of 120mph before smashing into another car and landing in a ravine. All four passengers were killed in the crash.

    The haunting 911 call made national news, shining a spotlight on Toyota defects. The fatality prompted the car company to issue two separate recalls. Over 5 million vehicles were recalled for floor mat issues, while more than 4 million more cars were recalled for other defects. Toyota was fined over $16 million for failing to recall their vehicles sooner.

    In 2010, Toyota rewarded the Saylor family an undisclosed amount in damages.


  • (#14) Jeep Fire Deaths

    Remington Walden was only four years old when a car malfunction took his life. He was riding in the back of his aunt's 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee when it was struck from behind. The impact caused a gas tank explosion, setting the vehicle into flames.

    The Walden family was awarded $150 million from Fiat Chrysler. Two years prior to the lawsuit, Fiat recalled many older model Jeeps with rear-mounted gas tanks. The tanks were responsible for at least 75 post-crash fire deaths.
  • Homocide by Airbag on Random People Who Died from Catastrophic Car Malfunctions

    (#16) Homocide by Airbag

    Hien Tran's death was originally believed to be a homicide due to extensive stab wounds all over her body. Upon further investigation, authorities realized that Tran's wounds were caused when the airbags in her 2001 Honda Accord ruptured after a collision. Tran's family sued Takata and Honda for her death.
  • Fatal Fender Bender on Random People Who Died from Catastrophic Car Malfunctions

    (#13) Fatal Fender Bender

    Carlos Solis, 35, of Houston, was leaving his residence when the front end of his car was struck by another vehicle. The impact set off the airbag of his 2002 Honda Accord, sending shrapnel flying into his neck.

    Solis bled to death as family attempted to save him. His family field a lawsuit against airbag company Takata.

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Catastrophic failure is a complete and sudden breakdown of mechanical or electronic systems. These emergency failures usually result in many car owners being killed in car accidents. Cars are prone to problems such as brake failures and stuck accelerators, which require car owners to pay attention to and check the operation of car parts frequently.

The random tool generates 16 items, it shows the people who died from catastrophic car malfunctions, including some famous people. Please check the information about these car accidents, and make sure to know whether your car is operating normally, if there are any problems, please repair them in time.

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