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Random People Was Quarantined During A Break-Up

  • (#9) A Story Of Everything Working Out

    Posted by Redditor /u/Snacksmcgee07:

    We broke up three days ago. Good thing we have always been best friends. Right now we have gone through our "if the world ends" plans. I'd say I'm really thankful we agreed to stay as roomates until we both are financially secure. Now I'm just quarantined with my best friend who I know has my back and vice versa.

  • (#8) It's Very Complicated

    Posted by Redditor /u/Lilac100:

    A few days before quarantine I found out he was having an affair. He’s always been a very difficult person and I decided this was it.

    I have been in and out of hotels and Airbnb’s and travelling between there to our house to see our kid.

    It certainly adds a complication to everything.

  • (#14) Because Of 'Manopause'

    Posted by Redditor /u/FroggyB:

    Holy sh*t, that's me! Married 21 years and its been dead for the past eight. I am ready to end it and move on.

    In February, I started the divorce conversation with her. She went into therapist mode, thought I was going through 'manopause' and that was the problem, not our marriage.

    My biggest fear is a war divorce so I said OK I'll get my hormones checked. It was the peaceful way to proceed.  

    Two nights ago, I started the divorce conversation again. Told her I got my hormones checked and I'm tip top. I am totally done with our marriage. It's over for me and there's no going back.

    She wants to go back to marriage counseling when there quarantine is over. We've been three times and its never gotten better. I said no thanks, I'm done. 

    She's in denial, now acting all nice to me, as if our marriage problems of the past ten years never happened. It's really weird. I want to push divorce forward. But the quarantine makes that difficult. And the fake niceness, pretending everything is fine, is f*cking weird.

  • (#5) Boyfriend Picked The Moment To Drop Relationship Bomb

    Posted by Redditor /u/acting-philosophical:

    Little different. Basically, during the quarantine my boyfriend dropped a huge bomb on me. He said he didn’t know if he could be with someone who isn’t a Christian. This obviously broke my heart, but he assures me he still wants to be with me, he just has to soul search, etc. I, however, am not sure I would want things to continue. I’ve been keeping it mostly to myself, but he can definitely tell. Sometimes I can’t even stand being in the same room with him, it makes me so upset. So it’s hell. It’s mental hell, for sure.

  • (#6) Wishful Thinking

    Posted by Redditor /u/heyitscas:

    God if only that were my housemate and his partner. But no, instead I'm stuck here with Mr. and Mrs. Celebrate-Monthly-Anniversaries.

  • (#11) 'Slowly Losing My Mind'

    Posted by Redditor /u/bluevioletta:

    I told my husband I wanted a divorce four days before the sh*t hit the fan. I knew I'd have to wait a few weeks to move out, but at least before I had a job I could go to, bars to get out of the house, friends I could hang with, etc. Now I'm trapped here. I'd say I'm slowly losing my mind, but the truth is it's happening rather quickly!

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